Monday, 11 August 2014


This morning saw me setting of at 9am with Genevieve and boyfriend in tow to Healesville Sanctuary.  The drive out there is quite lovely with the first part of the journey through Sherbrooke forest in the Dandenong Ranges, through Silvan, a semi rural area and then onto the Yarra Valley.  We had allowed an hour to get to the Sanctuary which would have given us ten minutes or so to spare but unfortunately there had been a bad car accident just before our turn off and the police had to redirect us to another route adding an extra half hour travelling time.  We arrived 20 minutes late but as other people in the uni group excursion were also affected by the accident, it wasn't too much of a problem.

After dropping my passengers at the Sanctuary, I headed back into the town of Healesville in the search of coffee.  I found a little retro/vintage style cafe called The Gilded Lily which served wonderful coffee and when I asked if I could have a home baked mixed berry muffin as well, I certainly wasn't expecting one the size of a small dessert.  It was delicious and I certainly didn't need lunch as I was so full.

I sat in the window to enjoy what little winter sunshine was peaking through the clouds while alternately reading my book and people watching.

After coffee I strolled along the main street wandering in and out a few shops that took my fancy.  One shop sold all manner of beautiful home wares from Turkey but unfortunately were out of my price range.  I stumbled on a gorgeous shop selling candles, candle holders, soaps and all manner of pretty things.  The range of candles and holders easily rivalled Dusk and in fact I think the range was probably more varied and affordable.  This is one shop I will be visiting again.

Further along the street I found this yarn bombing effort.  Someone has even made a kookaburra which can be seen just under the light.

My journey home involved taking the alternate route as the road was still closed from the car accident.  I didn't mind at all as I'd not travelled it before and the scenery was lovely.  I stopped to take a few photos but I must apologise for the quality as it seems something has happened to my camera and there are blurred patches here and there.

So that was my morning out which was most enjoyable.  Any opportunity to get out into rural areas and I'll take it.

Anne xx


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful little trip yourself. It's so nice to browse through little shops and have a treat all by yourself. : )

  2. It's funny Anne.....a year ago I would also make the comment,any excuse to visit the country , now I look forward to our weekly trip down to Adelaide :-)

  3. Looks like great 'time out'. I love long drives especially when there is no other traffic! Your coffee shop choice looks nice. cheers Wendy

  4. What beautiful scenery - sounds like a lovely day out.

  5. I've just realised I haven't had you on my sidebar since I lost all the bloggers and had to redo an apology! I've just thought you weren't posting!
    What a lovely morning you had, so good to have a bit of time and space all to yourself, just to meander without any pressure or time restrictions. And thankyou for visiting my post and your comment, xxx

  6. Just spent a nice time catching up here Ann, sorry I've not been over for a while.
    Thank you for the link - we are following the new reasarch with cautious interest x

  7. Love the lamp post.
    love from mum


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