Thursday, 30 October 2014

The builder and the beekeeper

To say that I am married to a man of many talents and fabulous qualities is an understatement, he continues to amaze me with his abilities and achievements.  The studio is now finished with the completion of the awning and balustrade.  A few little bits and pieces may be added such as base boards to cover the side but other than that, it's finished.

The bee hive was opened again on the weekend to see what was happening and the second story will most likely be added this weekend to allow for growth of the hive.  It all depends whether the conditions are right for opening the hive, preferably on fine day with no wind.  Here is hubby attending to the hive.  I took these photos without my protective suit on from about 1.5 metres away.  The bees are very placid, not bothered by me at all.  If I was assisting I would have been suited up.

To finish this post, here are some roses from the garden.  I love roses.

Anne xx


  1. No excuses now with that lovely studio.

  2. I do envy you Anne...the studio looks amazing xxx

  3. oh your studio is wonderful - how lovely.
    Interesting seeing the bees x

  4. What a gorgeous studio! Congratulations to your husband.
    Did you know that I fear bees?
    Love the rose!

  5. Oh you lucky thing, that has to be the most perfect studio!


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