Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Last Sunday hubby and I ventured down the coast about an hour from where we live to a place called Kilcunda which is just past Phillip Island.  In particular we were looking for a fishing beach where hubby could practice casting with his new fishing rod.  This is in preparation for an upcoming fishing trip at the end of March with my brother in Western Australia.  We ended up at a beach called Cemetery Beach and yes, there is a cemetery nearby. 
 The day was perfect, sunny, warm and not too much wind.  The tide was on the way out so while hubby had fun with his fishing rod, I had a magical time exploring rock pools, different types of seaweed, patterns in the sand and even some little creatures which might be sea anemone.  I took many photos so I warn you, this post is photo heavy.

The cemetery,

The walking track to the beach.

There were some little birds in the trees, there is one in the top centre of the photo.  Unfortunately I can't tell what sort of bird it is.

Trees and undergrowth along side the beach track.

Walking up the sand dune.

The moment when you know you are a few steps away from seeing the sea.

A few brave souls trying to catch a wave.

Hubby in action.

These two photos look like big hand prints.  In reality it was just the sea water draining out of the sand causing patterns.

Some interesting rock formations gouged out by the sea.

This one looks like a fat frog or toad to me.

Rock pools.

Different types of seaweed and other interesting things.


I loved the contrast of the bright green weed against the dark shells.

These creatures were in quite shallow water and wondered what they were.  Can anyone enlighten me?

There were interesting patterns on rocks and even one that looked like a shoe print.

After my exploring and hubby's casting practice we lay down on our towels and enjoyed the sounds of the sea, the warmth of the sun (it was 33C with a breeze), and just relaxed and talked.  What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

Anne xx


  1. I think I prefer your activity to hubby's. Those rock pools are so clear.

  2. What a wonderful place, Anne!
    Fantastic photos too.
    Great photo of your hubby in action.

  3. Hello anne just found your blog i'm from the hunter valley new south wales, loved your photos and especially your hubby fishing my husband and i love fishing wishing you all the best, kind regards, karen


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