Friday, 27 February 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt - February 2015

It's time once again for the monthly Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Thank you Greenthumb at Made With Love blog for organising this fun blog activity.


Something a little different, a female cucumber flower.


This photo encapsulates the word love beautifully on many different levels for me.  The love I have for my farming brother (love him to bits), the love I have for the farm where I grew up in Western Australia, the love of fresh milk, non homogenised and non pausteurised milk, the love of recycling - using an old tractor seat and turning it into a milking stool.....


Birthday invitation.

Something beautiful

Our beautiful daughters Genevieve and Charlotte.
Favourite colour

Green in all its shades.


My lovely cousin in England knows how much I love owls and made this handsome one for me.

On the road

With Louise of Ramblings of a Roachling blog in 2012.  Somewhere in Staffordshire or maybe Derby county.  Louise? 


The tap on the gas meter, very boring.


The price of the book below found in an op shop.


A garden ornament I made a couple of years ago.

 A corner of your home

In the lounge room.
 Whatever you want

Our three animals showing a definite interest in the dinner plate being removed from the table.  So funny but so very naughty.

 Looking forward to seeing what scavenging we will be doing for the March list.

Anne  xx


  1. Beautiful collection! I recognised that view before I read the caption! This view is in Staffordshire, but it's not far from Derbyshire - the border is only about 3 miles from that spot!

  2. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of something beautiful, your favourite colour and love. Greenthumb

  3. I adored your last photo, Anne! Your pets are priceless, and they're showing such emotion! Your daughters are glowing with love and happiness ~ wonderful capture. The shot of your brother milking brings back memories of my unsuccessful attempts to milk cows. This is such a fun collection!

  4. Lovely set of photos, my favourite one has to be Heart and your three pets hoping for a scrap of food.
    Amanda xx

  5. I love the last photo of your pets the look on their faces. Like your stone filled heart and your photo for love:)

  6. What a lovely photo of your brother milking the cow, also your pets after the leftovers made me smile. What a great idea your heart of pebbles is. x

  7. I can almost feel the love you have for your brother! Great set of photos. Staffs and Derbyshire mingle into each other in several spots but both a lovely place to be. Suzy x

  8. The cats and dog made me smile - I had to show my daughter and she loved it too. Also loved the heart, the macrame owl and your beautiful daughters. x

  9. LOOK at the eyes on those pets- hugely dilated-they reaaaaaaaaaally want the scraps! Such nice photos and I love all the handmade items like the heart and the owl and I LOVE your description of love.xx


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