Friday, 24 April 2015

ANZAC Day centenary

As we commemorate the centenary of ANZAC Day on the 25 April 2015 in Australia, I would like to take the time to remember two of my ancestors who served during WWI.

Edmund Scottick Charles Chandler is my paternal grandfather and he joined the armed forces in 1916, embarking from Adelaide, South Australia.  He served in Egypt with the 10th Light Horse Regiment and during this time visited Jerusalem.  Our family has some photos from this time which I would like to share with you.

Edmund Charles Scottick Chandler

This photo was taken in Jerusalem where Grandad and his mates had a picnic under the trees.

My grandfather is on the right.

My great uncle, Claude Spencer Williams is brother-in-law to Edmund and my Granny's brother.  Claude joined the armed forces in 1916 and spent his active service time in France attached to 23rd Howitzer, 10th Battery as a gunner.  He was fortunate to escape serious injury during conflict, however after going on leave in England at the end of the war, he contracted and became ill with the Spanish flu on his return to France.  Sadly, Claude subsequently died as a result of this illness and is buried in Sous-le-Bois, France.  His war memorial plaque is at the Maubeage cemetery, Sous-le-Bois.

Claude Spencer Williams

In remembrance.

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  1. How wonderful of you to remember those in your family who served their country. Beautiful photos. Absolute treasures.


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