Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Waratah Bay

Earlier this year hubby and I were lucky enough to become the owner of a small caravan that good friends of ours were unable to use anymore.  It has take us a little while to get thing organised and the weekend before last, we were finally in a position to take it away for the first time.  We chose Waratah Bay which has a nice caravan park and not too far from Melbourne, just a couple of hours drive.  Coincidentally we celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary the same weekend so that made it an extra special get away for us.

We had a wonderful time, met lovely people who were happy to share tips about travel and had a number of enjoyable walks on the beach.  Here are some photos from our time away.

Snacking on nice cheese with a glass of wed wine.

Walking down to the beach from the caravan park.

Waratah Bay with Wilsons Promontory in the background.
Exploring the rocks.  Wilsons Promontory zoomed in the background.

We had this beach to ourselves on this walk.

These little crabs turn around in circles to dig themselves a hole to hide in.

Just over the other side of the sand dunes is this lush farm land where very fat cows were feeding.

This Banksia was was growing on the foreshore.

Shallow Inlet, Waratah Bay.

There were a number of pelicans flying around. 

Walkerville South, just around the corner from Waratah Bay.

On our way back home to Melbourne we drove through more lush farm land which is also home to these wind turbines/wind farms.

I have been keeping busy with projects such as these two crochet blankets in the making.  I am participating in the Spice of Life CAL with Sandra Paul from Cherry Heart and thoroughly enjoying the process.

And to make sure I don't get bored I'm also doing this blanket which is the "As-we-go-Stripey blanket", pattern found here

To throw a little social life into the mix, hubby and I went to a wedding this past Sunday which was lovely and the weather was perfect.  It certainly was nice to have an excuse to glam up a bit and wear a nice frock, shoes and put my hair up.  This photo was taken in our back yard.

I'm off again to Western Australia on Sunday to visit Mum and my brother at the farm.  I'm vert fortunate to be able to visit so frequently.

Anne xx


  1. What a fun trip with your caravan! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip for you both. Happy Anniversary! Love those blankets you are working on. I'm going to have to give one of those a try one day. One day after the next quilt I have to make. : )

  2. Beautiful photos of your holiday and of course a lovely one of you and hubby. Happy belated anniversary to you both.

  3. That looks like a wonderful, relaxing weekend! The scenery is so beautiful in your photos. That's a lovely photo of you both at the end of the post too. Hope you enjoy your trip home :)

  4. I love seeing your photos of parts of the world that I would never normally be able to see otherwise. Glad you enjoyed your break and the wedding - you both look very happy and glamorous - and of course, many congratulations on your anniversary! xx

  5. What a lovely post. I'm sure you'll love caravanning around. That spot looked fantastic - I've written it down, so we might get there one day in Ruby!
    I love the 'as-we-go' crochet rug! I have purchased a kit which is very similar - I am a bit daunted by it (changing stitches etc) but I have bookmarked the site you linked to which should be very helpful. It will probably be 2030 by the time I finish it as I am still on my knitted rug project which is slow going. I am not a good 'sit and knitter' - I hear housework or something else calling and the knitting gets dropped. Oh, well - one day!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  6. First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

    What a beautiful spot Waratah Bay is and how fortunate to be alone on the beach there. The landscape around you looks very pretty.

    Such a lovely photo of you both. It is nice to get all dressed up once in a while.



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