Monday, 26 July 2010

Winter joy

Hellebores budding in my garden.

Winter is not generally a time of year that I enjoy for a number of reasons. It’s cold, damp, muddy, wet, frosty, grey a lot of the time, there are minimal flowers in the garden and a myriad of other reasons. As winter is going to come around year after year I decided that I really should put out some effort into thinking about the nice things that winter brings with it. Here is a small list of things I’ve come up with to help me think more positively about a season that often makes me feel more than a little glum.

Blueberry muffins and camelias.

Roast dinners, soups, stews, self-saucing puddings, muffins, chocolate, hot chocolate with marshmallows floating in the top, lattes, a hot cup of tea, wood fires, cozy beds, snuggles on the sofa with a cat, crocheting (it’s not too hot), being inside a warm house when its miserable outside, having the oven on and it’s not too hot to be baking, stepping outside to cool off when I’m having hot and sweaty moments that seem to descend on me every half hour or so and wearing snuggly thick socks to keep my feet warm.

I took a peek outside the other day and discovered the first Forget-me-nots were starting to flower as were the Helebores, Snowdrops and of course Polyanthus although I did cheat there and buy some flowering pots. I should not forget the beautiful Daphne. I look forward to it flowering each winter so I can bring in some sprigs to sweeten the air. I hope you are enjoying your winter or summer depending on which hemisphere you live in.

Daphne on the bathroom window ledge.

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