Sunday, 1 August 2010

Books on my coffee table

One of the many things that make me happy is to be surrounded by books.  I'm an avid user of the local library and trundle down there frequently.  Belonging to the local library gives me access to oodles of books from many other libraries as well and since I made this discovery, I've been in book heaven.  I can sit up in bed, electric blankie on, laptop on lap and trawl library websites to my heart's content.

I borrow books on crafts, house decorating, gardening, cooking, sewing and I especially love them if they have beautiful photos that inspire me.  Last week I just happened to pass another library close by and couldn't resist the urge to take a quick peek and see if anything caught my eye.  Browsing in the craft section, I stumbled across a brand new book "Homemade - Gorgeous things to make with love" by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson.

It's so new I don't think anyone has borrowed it yet and it's just my sort of book filled with how to make or restore things in a gorgeous country, homely, comforting kind of way. 
Looking at books is such a relaxing thing to do especially if you have a hot cup of tea or coffee nearby to make it into a proper break not just a quick sit down.  I think I might be having rather a lot of tea/coffee breaks in the next week as I have thirteen gorgeous books on the coffee table to look through and be inspired by.

Lucy at Attic24 has inspired me immensely in so many ways from learning to crochet to injecting colour into my life.  I was introduced to a fabulous book (via Lucy's blog), I just had to borrow from the library, "Creating Vintage Style" by Lucinda Ganderton.  Also on the coffee table are books on crocheting and a gorgeous book by Tricia Guild "Private View"

with these sumptuous images.  Love the colours!!!  I hope you find time in your week to take a break with a hot drink and some beautiful books.  Au revoir, Anne

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  1. This post is perfect! I am always on the lookout for good craft books and I really like to see the projects and pages before I buy! I'm always scouring for this type of post =) I've bought several books now and been sorely disappointed so thank you for sharing. Nothing better than a giant cup of tea, a blanket, a cat and a good book! xo


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