Monday, 23 August 2010

New painting - a mosaic of flowers?

Monday afternoons are bliss!  It's time for oil painting classes and today I started a new painting.  After the brooding "Storm clouds" I was in the mood to paint something bright and fun.  
I found these photos of flowers in a magazine, cut them out and arranged them in a way I liked and stuck them on two sheets of A4 paper with the idea of painting a mosaic of flowers.  It is my goal to paint in a less detailed way than I normally do with this painting, but old habbits die hard so we'll see.  Anyway I might use this blog as a visual diary of my progress.

Todays progress was partial blocking in of the canvas.  I love this stage of painting because it's just colours and basic shapes, nothing is too precise.

There's oodles of work to be done yet but man, did I have fun!  

Happy creating and crafting everyone.

Anne  :-)


  1. Looks good fun! I had promised myself I would paint at least 3 mornings a eek but life gets in the way. Maybe tomorrow! Love aubrey

  2. I will watch this post with much interest. Is it possible for you to show us your other paintings Anne?


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