Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Brag time

This past Saturday night hubbie and I were privileged to attend a cabaret put on by Miss G's school.  There were dance performances, singing and acting skits with much of the music provided by the school band and delicious food provided by the hospitality department.  Rehearsals have been going on for months and have caused moments of extreme stress and much laughter.  

The culmination of months of work by all involved came to fruition in three performances held on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening.  Miss G participated in the chorus (back up vocals) and a singing and dancing act "Join the Circus" with her good friend.  Miss G is on the left in the yellow curly wig with her friend sitting on her lap.  I can't quite work out which legs belong to who.
They made their costumes themselves.  They visited op. shops (with mum in tow), cut up and resewed chosen items to make into ridiculously funny outfits.  There are times when our children delight and amaze us.  This was one of them.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Anne. The Fair was so fun. Speaking of the wallaby, the girls wanted one of those also to add to their list of cute critters. I would need a huge ranch just to keep all the animals they want.

    Love the costumes your daughter and friend made. Very creative and fun looking. Looks like they had alot of fun.


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