Sunday, 8 August 2010

On the kitchen window sill

I found these lovely sprigs of Wattle today while walking with my stubborn Labrador.


  1. Hi Anne, We have just arrived home from a gathering of my family for Christmas in July but not in July and have looked at your blogs to see what has been going on and found your lovely gift for me, more YELLOW!! Thankyou and I love your paintings, the quinces are gorgeous... and I love quinces any way, especially the scent as they ripen. The gum is beautiful too, is it one you have in your garden and if so what is the name? And the wattle today is lovely, don't you love all the different varieties!! Thankyou, Aubrey

  2. Hi Aubrey, Hope you had a great time with your family. The gum tree is not in my garden but our neighbour does have a lovely pink flowering gum so I might get a chance to paint that one in the future. As I'm new to painting in oils (about 2 years) I'm still painting from photographs. One day I might be brave enough to tackle a painting from real life. Have a lovely week!

    Anne :-)


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