Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Birthday time

Someone in my family is celebrating a milestone birthday this week and just in case you were wondering it isn't me.  A couple of years and I'll be there.  So this week means I will be busy preparing for a celebration dinner at our house on the weekend.

I still haven't decided what sort of cake to make.  I'd better make up my mind soon but I need inspiration.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The menu is sorted and the drinks will be looked after by hubbie but I do know there will be BUBBLY.

There are decorations to put up, but I can't give away too much as the birthday person might read this blog and I want it to be a surprise.  So as I'll be busy my posts will be limited.

See you when I can.



Sue said...

Hope it all goes really well, remember to take some pictures of the cake.

Cheryl said...

I'm hoping to get some new ideas from Sue and her new cake book. I did a pyramid arrangement of cup cakes with sparklers one year. It was a younger crowd. Whatever you choose, please post a photo.

grika. said...

A pink bear on top would be most appropriate don't ya reckon, oh yeah and a red backed spider:)

**Anne** said...

Hey cob, I'm going to have people wondering just who you are!!!! :-) To all my lovely followers and readers of my blog, Grika is very well known to me and full of fun. I love it. I must tell the birthday person of your cake decoration suggestions on Saturday night. It's bound to get a good laugh. :-) Have a good one.