Wednesday, 8 September 2010

1200 voices

Last night our family had the absolute pleasure of attending my nephew's school biannual concert.  Boys and young men ranging from ages five to eighteen came together for what can only be described as a awe inspiring night.  We heard bands from the junior and senior school, strings groups and junior and senior school orchestras.  We also heard fantastic singing from the chorale and younger boys' choir.  The little guys were especially cute. 

In amongst these performances all students sang traditional songs together.  They almost lifted the roof off the venue where they were performing.  It was incredible to hear 1200 male voices singing and as seeing them enjoying doing so.

My nephew plays cello and we saw him perform in the senior school orchestra and strings group.  Many of the pieces performed were complicated and were played to a very high standard.  One particular piece was by Paganini and the violin soloist, a Year 12 boy played his part flawlessly.

It is amazing what humans can achieve when they are all working together.  So well done to the performers, the music teachers and directors and the organisers for putting on such a fantastic night.  It's certainly one I won't forget for a long time.


  1. Sounds like it was a fabulous concert! It would have been great to see & hear it. I love seeing the pics of the sheep and all the little lambs from the post a few days ago. So cute! Hopefully the weather & crops will cooperate this year for your family. What a treasure to have a farm.

  2. Sure wish I could have been at the concert, what a joy.


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