Thursday, 2 September 2010

A dress and a tablecloth

Hello there.   I hope you've had a lovely day with nice things happening.  Things like sitting down for a few quiet moments with a latte or a cup of tea, a good book or crochet hook and some wool.  These would be very nice happenings in my opinion.  I've had the latte today but not the good book or crochet yet.  Instead I went out to do pleasurable things like shop for a birthday present for a family member, a hair appointment and dress shopping.  I can say the dress shopping was pleasurable because I FOUND a dress to wear to the ballet.  Here it is.

I was hoping for colour but this dress was in a style that was flattering.  After the success of the dress purchase I had just enough time to duck into the op shop and found this bright and colourful tablecloth for $3.00.

There is one little worn spot, hardly noticeable and a few marks which I'm sure spot laundering will remove.  I love the pattern and colours.

Have a lovely evening everyone.  See you tomorrow.

Anne  :-)


  1. The dress looks great and I know you will love wearing something new for the ballet. Such a treat!! Love Aubrey

  2. The dress is perfect for the ballet and you really scored on that tablecloth! Love the flowers and colors too. I'm happy to see you bought some flowers. I rarely buy them either, but maybe this week I will indulge.


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