Thursday, 9 September 2010

Trees are beautiful


summerfete said...

Isnt nature great?

Dont worry France will not have changed in two years!


Sue said...

What amazing trees. What are they?

Mrs Twins said...

yes I agree amazing! Very interesting. Doesn't blogland make you look at things much more!
Everything you seem to do, you think shall i take a photo?
Thank you so much for the squares they arrived at lunchtime! I absolutely love them Anne, you are so kind helping me,
I will be making a slide show for SIBOL later when family permits!
Love to you and I am most grateful!!
Lovely blog,

Grika said...

Top 3 photos are Red River gum. (eucalyptus camaldulensis)
Next 2 photos are York gum (eucalyptus loxophleba)
Photo 6 is Ribbon bark mallee (eucalyptus ? )
7,8 are Salmon gums ( eucalyptus salmonophloia).

**Anne** said...

Thanks goes to my very kind assistant Grika who came to my rescue in identifying the beautiful gum trees above. Thanks cob. :-)

Mrs Twins said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments on SIBOL Anne. Your Slide Show is now running and I hope you'll pop across and take a look.
Have a good weekend,
Love Suex