Sunday, 10 October 2010

Gardening moments

Today I had some gardening moments which was really, really nice since in winter there were virtually none.  The vege. garden is ready to be planted and I wanted a few other plants to add some more colour as it gets warmer.  As hubbie needed to buy hardware items for the rebuilding of the pergola, it was the perfect opportunity for me to tag along with him and spend a very pleasant half hour in the gardening section of the store.

I came home with three tomato plants, one of which is a cherry tomato,  two perpetual lettuce plants and a punnet of mignonette lettuce seedlings, some basil and marigolds to plant around the tomatoes.  I also planted some bush bean seeds which I hope will germinate as they are bit old.  I also bought some lobelia and petunia seedlings, some diascus and a verbena.

The day was beautiful and we all enjoyed the sunshine including the animals.
Banksia rose
The echium coming into flower.

Spring - beautiful.


  1. I love the photos of your pets enjoying the warmth of the sun.

    No problems using the snail photos for painting inspiration. I'd love to see the result.

  2. Our gardens are looking pretty miserable now. Flowers dying off, leaves on the ground. Needs a bit of a tidy up quite honestly.
    But not today, it's my 'home alone' day. A SIBOL Day!
    Glad you liked seeing your squares Anne. It was such a priviledge to work with them. Beautiful Squares from you, thanks so much!
    Hugs Suex
    Please feel free to take a picture, if you want. I have no problem.

    If you want to see the blanket again.
    There is a photo of the Blanket on there and there is an option to 'add note' to your square.
    Do you want to have a go?
    Love Suex
    Many thanks for wonderful squares!x


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