Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mixed bag

Hubbie made rather a disappointing discovery on Saturday.  The solar dragonfly lights Miss C. bought me for my birthday have started to rust so we've had to take them down.  They've only been out in the elements for a couple of weeks and when you read on the box that something is for outside use only, you don't expect it to rust.  I've got quite use to having little solar lights hanging in my garden room that I just couldn't do without some. 

Can you see those bright and colourful Chinese lanterns?  They are solar powered, are nylon and plastic so they'd better not rust!!!!  They look so cheerful out there swaying in the breeze.  We are in for another spring storm this afternoon, so it will be interesting to see how they stand up to the elements.

In our front yard we have the most glorious rhododendron tree that has just started flowering.
It was so windy while I was taking this photo I had to hold onto a leaf.

Stripey puss decided to join me in the front yard.
He likes to play a game with me where I pluck a lawn daisy, throw it up in the air and he tries to catch it and he usually succeeds too.

Here is our front yard view with two sycamore trees, bluebells and a camellia in the background with two flowers still in bloom.  You have to look hard.

Finally, my flower mosaic oil painting update.

Yesterday I worked on blocking in the lower right hand section and the started work on refining the flowers in the top left hand section.  I'm still trying to convince my teacher that I want this to be a loose painting.  I don't think she understands because I've always painted highly detailed images.  Next week perhaps.

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday.



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