Thursday, 7 October 2010

I've been tagged

New to the blogging world I was not aware of tagging until a few days ago.  It seems that Cheryl
at the lovely blog "Time to Craft" has indeed tagged me.  So here goes with answering the questions.


1.  If you could spend time with a historical figure, who would it be?

It would have to be Michelangelo.  I read a fictional book when I was 14 about his life and the time he was working on his famous sculpture of David. 

2.  What kitchen appliance could you not do without?

That would have to be the bread making machine.  I make bread in it everyday using wholemeal flour and yummy seeds.  My family just loves the bread.

3.  Is your heart in the town or the country?

Definitely the country.  I grew up on a farm and I miss the wide open spaces.  I'm especially sensitive to the fact that many people living in the city (not all), are totally ignorant to how and where their food is grown, and how incredibly hard people work to produce it.

4.  Your three favourite books.

"These old Shades" by Georgette Heyer.  This was the first adult book I read at age 14 and I just fell in love with reading all over again.  The next one would be the fictional book I read about Michelangelo when I was also 14.  Unfortunately I can't remember the title or the author although I have tried to looking for it.  Third favourite would be "Hidden Treasures" by Nora Roberts.  I just love the story and the characters.

5.  Favourite childhood place?

This is so easy to answer, the hay shed.  I use to climb up into the hay with a hessian sack to sit on, a good book and an apple and  would read for hours.  I'd usually be accompanied by a cat or two.  Our hay shed was not like a barn.  It had a roof and one wall made from corrugated iron, so three sides were open to the fresh air.

6.  Are you superstitious?

My first answer would be no, but then I remember I say "touch wood".  I don't know if that is considered being superstitious.

7.  Tea or coffee?

Both.  I love my tea and coffee.

8.  What is your favourite pudding?

My Grandma's trifle and bombe alaska.  Unfortunately my Grandma has passed away so I only have sweet lingering memories.


Now I have to tag a few other people and think of some questions for you.  OK, here goes with the questions.

1.  What is your favourite hobby?

2.  Do you like to drink your tea or coffee out of a stoneware or fine china?

3.  Favourite holiday destination to date?

4.  Do you have a favourite specialist stop, i.e. bookstore, craft/wool shop, delicatessen (food) etc.

5.  What is your favourite flower?

6.  Your favourite item of clothing?

7.  Where do you like to swim, beach, swimming pool, river, or lake?

8.  What colour eyes do you have?

The people I've tagged are:

Danae at Nae Chic.  Danae makes the most beautiful bags.

Louise of Ramblings of a Roachling.  Louise loves walking in the countryside and takes the most gorgeous  photos to show us where she has been.

Aubrey from Rambling with Me.  Aubrey is an Aussie too and lives in the country on a farm.  I'm envious.  She is also Mum to Kate of "Greedy for Colour" fame.  Hi Aubrey.  :-)

Diana of "Creating Balance: My Rich Life".  Diana is such a sweetie and makes me think.

Chantal of "Chantal Vincent Art"  I recently discovered Chantal and she INSPIRES me.  Thank you Chantal for sharing your creative world with us.

Just because I've tagged you lovely ladies above doesn't mean you have to participate.  It does take time, but I would love to know a little more about you and I'd love other people to visit your blogs 'cos I love them!!!

Have a lovely day everyone.

Anne xx


  1. Hello Anne
    Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment :-)
    Like you I grew up in the countryside, next to the farm where my Dad worked. In those days children used to roam around the farms, didn't we, and it was great to make dens in the barns or let baby calves suck our hands... lovely days!
    Wishing you a happy weekend,
    Denise x

  2. Answer to Questions
    1. At present--card making
    2. Fine China
    3. Mandurah W.A.
    4. Craft Shop
    5. Rose
    6. My blue or pink items
    7. Swimming pool when I was young
    8. Green

  3. ooh I've never been tagged before!

    It is nice to learn a little more about people so I will make my next post the answers to your questions, when I get chance to sit down and do it!

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog, I'm glad you enjoy my photos and walks... I always thing I don't write well and my posts are boring, so I'm glad at least one person enjoys them!!

    Also thanks for your comment - wellies, or should I say gum boots are my favourite footwear - I am quite childish, I love to stomp in the mud and walk through rivers!

    Your flower painting looks like its coming along nicely :)

  4. I guess you're not it anymore. Thanks for playing along. It is a nice way to find out more about some favourite blogs. :)

  5. Enjoyed reading your answers, nice to know a bit more about you. The bird in your previous post is gorgeous, here in England we are encouraged to feed the birds in winter. Your paintings are beautiful.

  6. O. The hay shed would have been one of my favourite childhood places too. I love the smell. Unfortunately, now I have hay fever and sometimes forget that and so have a good whiff when passing farm produce shops and then up with days of sneezing. lol Cherrie

  7. Hi Anne, Thanks for thinking of me. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to respond to your questions in the form of pictures or some type of craft over the next 8 weeks.

    Come and join in if you like! Cheers, Chantal.


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