Sunday, 7 November 2010

Environmentally friendly project


Nylon curtain fabric.  Light weight, strong, durable and see through, essential.  $3.00 a meter on sale at Spotlight.
2 x 4 meter hanks of light weight (essential) nylon cord from the cheap shop.   $2.50 per hank as opposed to a similar product in Spotlight for $1.50 a meter.
2 x  100 meter spools of poly sewing thread, $2.70 each.

Sewing machine
Tape measure

Other helpful ingredients:
Time to start project, not for a few day unfortunately.
Patience, often in short supply.
Neat sewing, not sure.  Experimentation required.
Enthusiasm, 100%

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



Jacquie said...

Hello Anne , thankyou foe your lovely comments. Loving your stamps . Your sewing project has got me puzzled.
As we head into short,dark days It's great to have blogs on the other side of the world posting summer pictures to cheer you up , I'm looking forward to seeing yours .
Jacquie x

Diana said...

Okay, I'm curious! Can't wait to see what this is going to be.

Thank you for your wise and kind comments yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Eve x

Gillian said...

mmmmm.....wondering what it will be :)

Sue said...

I am intrigued.