Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ezy carve butterfly stamp

As the jungle continued to grow today, a butterfly emerged from it's cocoon. 

  The idea.

 The stamp.   A bit rough around the edges, but skills improving.

The images.

Instead of gardening today I carved a butterfly stamp, gave Miss C. a driving lesson on the way to her work and stopped in at Spotlight on the way home to purchase something for a very important sewing project that will help the environment....

More to come tomorrow.



  1. There's always tomorrow for the gardening - looking forward to seeing what your project is.
    Teaching a family member to drive -you're very brave!
    Eve x

  2. Just be catching up with your blog, I love your Christmas cards and the butterfly stamp.

  3. Beautiful butterflies. I love the effect of stamps. Slightly mottled. I have one sketched out on lino, just waiting for me to make the plunge and start cutting it out.

  4. Love your stamp Anne :)
    It looks like a little linoblock print when stamped.


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