Thursday, 25 November 2010

Help needed - CD storage disaster

Look at this mess, what can I do to make it better?  I'm using these at the moment, but the CD's keep falling out. 
And because they are such a pain, the CD's recently used never seem to get put back in the cupboard.

If there is somebody reading this post who has a solution to solve this problem, please let me know.  I like making things so that would be my preference.  If I could make something out of junk or recycle something, that would be a bonus.

Thanks for your help,

Anne  xx


  1. If you are happy to part with the plastic cases, I suggest getting one of those disc holder cases where you just slide the CD into the page. This has saved my sanity with the number of Cd's and DVD's we have in our kids collection. Another alternative is to get woven square or oblong shape box and just sit them in there with the spine up so you can see what you want. If you can find one with a lid they can even be a nice addition to the living room :) - not something for you to make but you may be able to find them at Vinnies which would aid the recycling wish.

  2. have you seen Chez Larsson blog?! my absolute fave organising blog! A great inspiration

  3. Thanks Claire, I'll go have a look.


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