Sunday, 21 November 2010

A little more Christmas decorating

A couple of years ago while on holiday, I collected some pine and banksia cones which I intended using for some kind of decorating purpose.  They were put in the garage and sat there for a couple of years until hubby decided to clean the garage out.  I asked him not to consign them to the skip and today with the help of some spray paint this is what I did.

These cones were given a lick of gold paint, a little hard to see in this photo.  I only gave them a light spray because I wanted some dark colour to come through.  This will be put on our coffee table in the lounge room which is painted in colours of peacock green, gold and Egyptian red.

These cones were sprayed with white paint and once again just given a light coating.  The paint I used was flat white so I did a very light spray with gold just to add a little bit of life.  You can't see the gold in this photo, but assure you it is there.  This display is in our main kitchen living area which is in colours of dull light gold, antique white, light aqua blues and a feature wall in a colour we mixed ourselves.  It's a deep blue/green, not quite turquoise but along those lines.
I added this little bird I intended for the Christmas tree, but I think he might be staying right here among the cones.
 And what's this I wonder?  Could it be a sneaky peak at something I've made to go in my 100th post giveaway?

Enjoy your evening/day.
Anne xx


  1. the birds looks right at home hanging with the pine cones :)

  2. i love the bird in the pinecones! Gorgeous little decoration :)

  3. The pine cones look great and the little bird looks really at home with them.


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