Tuesday, 23 November 2010

One last Christmas decoration idea

About 10 years ago when we had just moved into our brand new house, money was tight and I was looking for colourful, cheerful and cheap ideas to decorate our tree.  This idea originally comes from Better Homes and Gardens magazine (Australia) and was a big hit with all and sundry.  We had a small Christmas tree growing in a pot at the time and the stems were fairly groaning with bounty. 

 Different coloured tulle
(What I've used is probably better described as netting, it's very rough).
 Ribbon, curling ribbon, twine, whatever takes your fancy.
Tape measure

Start by cutting out squares of tulle about 36cm x 36cm (14" x 14") depending on how much bounty you want each person to consume.  Put your bounty in the middle of the tulle square.
Pull the corners and edges of the tulle in together and gather, holding in one hand.  Tie ribbon (you need a fairly long piece of ribbon) or twine around the centre of the gathered tulle, making sure all the edges are in otherwise the bounty is going to fall right out.  An extra pair of hands would be useful!! :)
Knot and then tie the ribbon in a bow.  Tie another knot at the end of the long tails to form a loop to hang on the tree.
How do you like my impromptu Christmas tree limb? :)
All that remains to be done is have fun with colour schemes and maybe put a name tag on these little treat bags.
They look rather nice grouped together.
You could use cellophane paper for this project or scraps of Christmas fabric too.  Happy crafting.

Anne  xx


  1. How lovely to find these on the tree. Great idea to put names on them. I might need to put photos on so that there is no chance of a mistake being made. I can just imagine how my son's skill of recognising his name would go out of the window when faced with these beautiful bags.

  2. this is a great idea! theres an underwear shop over here that puts those little bags in with your new undies - only with scented beads.
    These would look fab at the dining table. Little bit like wedding favours!

  3. WOW, that must be one classy underwear shop Claire. I like your idea of putting the bags on the table too.
    Christmas is at my house next year, so I've got another whole year to plan and accumulate ideas. Better start another folder for Christmas decorating ideas. I love my folders! :)

  4. Very cute! And who doesn't love finding a little bag of candy. Great idea.


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