Saturday, 11 December 2010

Beach break

Beach air stills smells good, the sound of waves relaxing and sand is still gritty and manages to get in your sandwiches, scratch your sunglasses and get incredibly hot in the sun.  Miss G. and I had a lovely few days at the beach and although the weather wasn't particularly kind, we were able to spend 4 hours one day relaxing on the sand.  

 Two pairs of feet in the sunshine.  I fear something is terribly wrong with the horizon.
Isn't nice to know that 17 year old daughters aren't too old to make a sand castle.
Yours truly sheltering from the wind and the sun.  My fair freckly skin can't take too much sun and sunscreen is a must for me in the middle of the day.
 Miss G. is into taking interesting photos.  I didn't know she took this shot of me reading behind her great mountains of sand.
 Looking north up the bay.
Looking towards Rye pier.

One day was raining with thunderstorms so we opted to stay indoors and read books and watch DVD's.  We also managed to go thrift shopping and Miss G. found 4 photo frames she is going to redecorate for her bedroom.  We also found time for a gelato.  Miss G. sensibly chose chocolate while I thought I would try something different, pistachio.  It was horrible and tasted like fake almond flavouring.  Next time I'll play it safe too.

I made a discovery while we were away, sleeping bags and me do not get along.  I was borrowing Miss C.'s sleeping bag and I couldn't move around properly as it is quite a narrow bag.  Can you picture me in the middle of the night all trussed up and suddenly having a hot flush?  There I was trying desperately to find the zip on the side to open up the bag and cool off.  I couldn't move my arms properly, the zip had moved under me and of course it was dark so I couldn't begin to see what was going on.  It must have been a funny sight.

Well back to reality now and the pre-Christmas preparations.

Anne  xx


  1. I love the sleeping bag bit. Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. cold and snowy here..but we're heading to the beach next month! So glad you had the chance, and the sandcastle is a sweet thing.


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