Monday, 6 December 2010

Give away winner

Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway.  I appreciate your encouraging comments (you don't know how much) and taking the time to participate.  After much mixing of names (Nathalie you were included) in the hat, I asked Miss G. to draw a name out and winner is LOUISE from  Ramblings of a Roachling.  Congratulations Louise.  When you have a moment, could you please email me your postal address.  I will be away for a few days down the beach so will post the parcel to you early next week.

I've realised the hardest thing about having a give away is that I wanted everyone to be the winner.  It's really hard when there is only one.  :-(  Thank you for following my blog, I do so appreciate you being interested in my
little world.

I'll see you soon, hopefully posting from the beach. 

Anne xx


  1. Congratulations to the winner.
    And Anne I'm a winner just by having you on my
    Hope you have a good time.

  2. Hi Anne!

    Thanks so much! I didn't expect to win, even if there were not very many entrants!

    Also, thanks for your comment on my blog... we didn't go sledging in the end :( (thanks to the weather) but I have been taking some snowy photos and I will upload them all and turn some into a blog soon! I'm sure there will be more sledge-opportunity over the winter!

    I will email you with my address and look forward to receiving the lovely items, once you have chance to post it and it makes the long journey here!

    I hope you enjoy your break at the beach and look forward to hearing about it when you return?!

    Thanks again


  3. Ahh congrats Louise =]

    Have a lovely time at the beach Anne x


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