Saturday, 18 December 2010

Chantal's Eiffel tower stamp

Chantal of Chantal Vincent Art very kindly gave me her lovely hand carved stamp of the Eiffel tower.  Thank you so much Chantal for your generosity, I received it safe and sound on Thursday.

I thought you would like to know Chantal that it has been used already by Miss G.  She has made birthday cards for the birthday twins using the Eiffel tower stamp as they were on a school French trip together last year.  She thought it would add a nice touch to her cards and it has.

The stamp is exquisitely made Chantal, just beautiful.  Thank you so much.

Anne  xx


  1. Anne, Miss G has done a lovely job! Please let her know I am touched she has used the Eiffel Tower stamp in her card design after seeing how much effort she has also put into their sweet handmade gifts : )

  2. I would love one those eifel tower stamps!! im totally addicted to buying north korean stationery on etsy and ebay.. it costs an absolute fortune too!


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