Friday, 31 December 2010

Reflections and Happy New Year

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011.  Before we roll over to 2011, here are a few reflections according to Stripey one of our cats.

  Make time to enjoy the sunshine, it might be raining tomorrow.

  A good bath can solve a lot of problems.

 Hard work has its rewards.

Families are everything.

If you are going to take a break, make sure you have a good magazine near by to read while you sip your cup of tea/coffee.

When it all gets a bit much, go to bed and contemplate the wall.  This too shall pass.

Get out in the fresh air and smell those roses.

Never underestimate the power of touch.

Here's looking forward to whatever 2011 brings.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. Great post, your cat has some very good ideas about life!

    Happy new year to you too!

  2. Ah Stripey - you speak words of wisdom.

    LOVE this post!

  3. Happy New Year, Anne and famiy! Cats just know how to do it -- be cool and all-knowing at the same time.


  4. awwwww.......Gorgeous photos Anne, love the 'power of touch' photo :)

    Happy New Year to you :)

  5. Those Egyptians were right all along when the assigned special wisdom to cats. And that little one of yours is no exception, she has some great advice for us.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. And yes sounds like giving that office/craftroom/musicroom a good purge might just be the perfect first project for Gitter Done!

  6. What a beautiful and very wise cat! Happy New Year:)

  7. Anne, thanks for the very nice comments today.


    P.S. Cats usually know what they're talking about!


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