Tuesday, 4 January 2011

What do you call this?

Be prepared, this is a post about Miss G. and how she continues to surprise, amaze and delight me.  This young lady of 17 years has a unique personality, quirky, thoughtful, inventive, and many other things to numerous to mention in this post.  However I did want to share what she was doing yesterday.  I couldn't believe my eyes and just had to shake my head and laugh.

Miss G. is enamoured with all things Dr. Who.  Perhaps I should say she is rather obsessed about the series.  She saw this picture of a tissue box  holder in the shape of a Tardis and decided she would make something similar and has chosen a pencil case.
Here she is sewing away on my trusty old Bernina sewing machine.

Just a tad frustrated here with the workings of my old machine.

This is the photo that will explain the title of this post.  Not only is Miss G. sewing a Tardis pencil case, she is watching the Dr. Who Christmas special, (headphones on) on my laptop while she is sewing.  Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!  :)
Dont' you just love it?  Young people amaze, inspire and delight me.

Perhaps Miss G. takes after her mum somewhat in the determination department.  As some of you may know, I chopped my left thumb the day before Christmas.  It has been somewhat of an encumbrance but what has frustrated me the most has been my inability to crochet.  I couldn't grip the wool between my left fingers and thumb because of the pressure needed and the wool would slip on the bandage.  Problem solved.  Use a quilters rubber thumb cover.  Not only does the wool not slip, but next to no pressure is needed to hold the wool.  And I even managed to make a small granny square plus a dodgy square of treble.  Bandage is off tomorrow but I might continue to use the rubber thumb cover while my thumb is still tender.

Have a great day everyone,

Anne  xx


  1. Wow! Would love to see Miss G's finished pencil case when finished Anne, what a clever young lady! We are a little hooked on Dr Who at the moment ourselves thanks to Mr 15...

    Oh your poor thumb!!!! I hope it is soon all healed! love the colours you have chosen for your squares, they look fab! great idea about the rubber thimble :)

  2. We love Dr Who too. I hope you do post the finished pencil case, although I'll not be showing it to my resident mini Dr Who fans.

    Sorry to hear about your thumb. I hope it is mending quickly. Neat idea with the thimble.

    Hope 2011 brings you and your family joy and happiness.

  3. Ahh I can totally relate to Miss G's love of Dr Who. We all love it here in my house!

    Pleased the thumb is on the mend =] Oh and Happy New Year! x

  4. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Your daughter looks as if she is making a fine job of the Tardis! Hope your thumb is better by the time you get this.


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