Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sunshine and flowers

For the lovely people in the northern hemisphere suffering with the cold and snow, I took a few photos this morning which I hope will warm you up a little.  To those of you in warmer places, I hope you enjoy my photos too.


Pandorea, an Australian native climber and Sophie (the dog).

 Campion and feverfew.


Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. Thnak you, lovely pics! I'm quite alright though - enjoying the snow, even though if it is staying below freezing during the day! Brrr! We just have to decide whether to go sledging first or build a big snowman!

    There were a few flowers still alive outside my house, but they now have icicles hanging off them! I will probably get round to posting some photos on my blog soon, but at the moment we have to play in the snow while we have it!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  2. Hello Anne, lovely pictures and I'm loving this blog too. It's raining here in Bristol today and all the snow is being washed away, so your lovely images are just the ray of sunshine I need! Thanks for dropping by again, it's always great to hear from you. Rosie is definitely high energy, so yes, I am exhausted! Take care Sue x

  3. Hi Anne
    And fellow Australian!! haha.. I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment over at Sharon's blog... It is a small blog world isn't it? One of the things I love about blogging is getting to know others and the part of the world they live in.. So.. I wonder if like me, you wish to have a White Christmas one day? Such a foreign idea for us... It's on my bucket list!!

    Love your photos.. I have some similar succulents flowering at present.. and Sophie is gorgeous!!! reminds me of a dog we had some years back..

    Have a lovely day.. and thanks once again.. ciao xxx Julie


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