Sunday, 5 December 2010

This morning I went out into my garden room to have my coffee and someone had been very hard at work making this.

The web was attached to one of the chairs but I didn't have the heart to move the chair and destroy this spider's hard work.  I was intrigued to see the zig zig line down the centre of the web and wonder if this is for extra strength.
The day has been beautiful, warm and balmy and no thunderstorms for which I'm very grateful.
  These lobelia have self sown in the garden room.  I love it when nature takes over in a nice way!
While I was sitting drinking my coffee, I couldn't help but look around the back yard full of flowers, sunshine, a dragonfly or two and be grateful to live in a country that has freedom.  Freedom to own some land and a house.  A country that has stability and enough food to eat and so many more things.  It was nice to just sit and appreciate, taking some time to enjoy the environment.
Look at that beautiful blue sky.  In the centre of the photo is a tree fern which I imagine would be over a hundred years old.  We have been living here for over 20 years and it was quite tall when we moved in.  Our roofline can be seen in the bottom left hand corner.
Here is another tree fern.  Not quite as old, but nonetheless just as beautiful as the other one.  About five years ago I saved this particular tree fern from being smothered to death by ivy.  It took about 2 years of constant pruning and pulling out roots to get rid of it as I didn't want to use poison in the garden.  A Japanese maple is growing underneath
While I was out taking photos, I was joined by our other cat Bungee (you mostly see pictures of Stripey) and he leapt up onto the garden seat to get in on the action.
Here he is dazzling white in the sun.  At the vet he is listed as a domestic short hair, colour, white and champagne.  A bit exotic for a cat don't you think?  :)
As well as enjoying the outdoors, I've spent a bit of time in this.
This is what I call creative bliss.  I've been working on some things the last couple of days and as this table is where we eat, the family has been consigned to eat on the couch.  Ooops!!  We have a study which is filled to overflowing with all manner of things creative as well as an electric piano, part of a set of drums in storage, a filing cabinet, a table which is supposed to be a craft table (general dumping ground) and a number of plastic storage boxes crammed full of things that need storing.  One day I hope to have this room under control so I can go in there and craft to my hearts content without disrupting the household.

Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of my 100th post give away.  Thank you to everyone who entered.  You've still got time to enter if you wish. 

One last thing, (can't shut me up), Miss G. and I will be going away for a few days during the week to stay near the beach in a friend's beach house.  Miss G. really needs a break after a hard year of study and I need the sea.  I find the sea air agrees with me very much.  So we will have about 4 days of walking on the beach, sleeping, watching DVD's, drawing and sketching (me), novel writing (Miss G.), reading, reading, reading, late breakfasts, sitting in the sun (hopefully no thunderstorms) fish and chips and definitely  NO COOKING!!  For those that might be concerned about my eating habits (mum?), it won't be fish and chips every night.  :)  I hope I can take some lovely photos to share.

Until tomorrow, have a lovely day/evening,

Anne  xx


  1. Fabulous tree ferns Anne. I hope you enjoy your time bt the sea : )

  2. It is so lovely to see some warm blue skies!! It is a little cold over here in England at the moment. I am glad I am not the only one with cobwebs, just looked up at my chandelier and someone has been working very hard. Have a lovely time at the sea.

  3. How refreshing to see some bright outdoorsy photo's. The sun is shining here today but it was raining all night so everything is soggy (the snow has gone!) and certainly not warm enough to take my coffee outside! Your kitty is gorgeous - I am having serious kitty envy with all the cats on various blogs recently. I want one!

    As for the crafty stuff on the table - I spent the whole of last year with my uni work on the dining table. The children didn't eat at the table once! At least yours is interesting! x

  4. your japanese maple is gorgeous. im so jealous. everything here now is covered in snow but while i was visiting my parents i enjoyed being outside throwing up broken bread and nuts for the wild birds. I miss living in the country sometimes.. you dont hear gorgeous birds in the city! only cars!

    I love bungee :) he looks like my grannys cat


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