Saturday, 29 January 2011

Eddie the emu and other birds

I may have mentioned in a previous post that we have an emu living on my parents farm.  We named him Eddie (how original), when he came to live with us as a chick.  I would have been about 7 years old at the time so that would make Eddie over 40 years old.  I'm not sure how long emus live for in the wild, however 40 years is pretty good for a bird I would think.  Eddie was given to us by friends who lived in a far more remote area than where my parents live.

I managed to snap this one of him napping.
The next photos are courtesy of my brother who has a marvellous new camera he is experimenting with.
A wedge tail eagle feeding on a dead kangaroo.  Isn't he/she magnificent.  This one is a juvenile and my brother tells me as adults their plumage is almost black.

Australian Hobby or Little falcon.  Such a pretty bird.  This photo was taken looking into bright cloud.
Pink and grey galahs.  Louise this one is for you so you can see them up close.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing these lovely birds. 

Anne  xx


  1. Oh wow!
    You're very own me-u!
    And 40 years old!
    I had no idea they lasted that long.
    But I suppose if cockys can last 100 years...

  2. 40 years is very impressive!
    Love the shot of the Wedge Tail Eagle, I think I've only ever seen one out of captivity. They're such powerful looking birds.

  3. That eagle is magnificent! Thanks for the galahs too - it was nice to see them close up!

    When I was in primary school a friend who lived nearby had a couple of emus living in her field amongst her donkeys. I don't think they still have them as I never see them when I drive past, but I see emus occasionally on farms around the Peak District! I rather like them.

  4. Love the bird photos. We're about to do our garden bird watch survey, this weekend. I'm pretty sure we won't see anything quite so exciting!

  5. I've sent my Dad in Canada a link to your blog as these photos are superb. Cherrie


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