Sunday, 30 January 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - January

Here are my photos for the January photo scavenger hunt. 

1.  An abandoned building
 This is the house my Dad grew up in and is quite close to the house I grew up in. 
2.  Stained glass
One of a series of stained glass windows in my local library.  Sorry about the light in the photo, this was the best shot I could get.

3.  Goldfish
Oh dear, I'm afraid I've taken a few liberties here.  I knew there was no way I would find a goldfish to photograph so I drew one and took a photo of my illustration.  I hope it's acceptable.

4.  Yarn
5.  Playground
This playground is at the end of my street and Miss C. and Miss. G. use to play here when they were little.

6.  Library
My local library where I took the photo of the stained glass window.

7.  A tombstone over 100 years old.

I took this photo this afternoon in 40 degree heat.  :)

8.  My front door

9.  A reflective surface (not a mirror)
Coffee percolator reflected in granite on the kitchen bench.

10.  Something out of place
A shopping trolley at the end of my street.  The camera strap is also out of place, in front of the lens.  Ooops.

11.  Nature
A lone salmon gum in Western Australia on my parents farm.

12.  Bubbles
Bubbles in a perfect beverage for a hot day, beer.

I've had so much fun putting these together.

Anne  xx


  1. Nice shots. I love looking at old grave stones. They say so much, but not the whole story.

  2. Love those photos and envying your 40 degrees - its been freezing here!

  3. Lovely photos... I am also a bit envious of your temperatures! I'll be posting my pictures later when I have uploaded them all.

  4. Thankyou for your kind words on my blog :0)
    I love hearing from new people, and I think your other blog is interesting reading too :)
    I shall pop back over there sometime this week as well....
    I'm so jealous of the 40degree heat bit LOL..
    And the pictures of the birds are amazing!
    I Love Eddie :0)

    Kind regards,
    Donna x

  5. Great photos, Anne. Love your goldfish and the stained glass is wonderful. I've really enjoyed taking part and I'm looking forward to the next one now:)

  6. Hi Anne, thank you so much for taking part ... your photos are so different because it's hot. We're freezing over here at the moment!
    Your goldfish is lovely by the way !!!!
    I'll post February's list tomorrow.

  7. Fantastic! It's been so fun to see the different photos from around the world. Love that goldfish!

  8. I absolutely *love* the lone tree shot!

    And yes, I'm very envious of your heat!

  9. Oh I love your nature picture - perfect

  10. Oh bugger!
    I totally forgot!
    I was gunna join in but like most things it just fell out of my head.
    Maybe next month.
    Love the abandoned building shot - you're dad's old house!!!
    Do you have inside photos too?
    And I love the lone tree (I've never heard of a salmon gum).

  11. It's so nice to find someone from Australia taking part in the Scavenger Hunt. We've been over twice now, and have loved every minute of the experience. Quite envious of the weather too, although it has to be said I can't take it too hot! Looking forward to seeing your next set of photos. x

    PS. There's a loveheart in that beer!

  12. I love your set of photos - couldn't work out where you were at first - Australia !


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