Monday, 31 January 2011

Snippets from Western Australia

Hi everyone.  I wanted to show you a few more photos I took during my recent visit to my parents farm in Western Australia.  

This photo was taken late one afternoon.  I love the way the sun is giving the trunk of this tree a lovely golden glow against the blue and grey of the sky and clouds.
Looking  north/west late afternoon.
Early morning shadow.

Half an hour later and you can see how much brighter the light is.
As I was walking around the farm sheds on the same morning, I noticed these lines on the ground.  Not the tyre tread marks.
When I looked closer, I realised they were ant trails all going to and from their home in the centre of the circular patch of hard ground.

Communing with my brother's cows.  
This is Elmo a young Dexter bull who is very friendly.  My brother has handled him since he was a calf so he is very tame.  So tame in fact that he licked my feet and knees through the fence and even tried to lick my face.

You may notice that there is not a lot feed in the paddocks.  Western Australia has suffered a number of extremely dry years with 2010 being no exception.  These cows are extremely content and well looked after with access to other food sources not shown in these photos.
Elmo is very partial to a good scratch on the top of his head and behind his ears.
This stocky calf is Fifi who was born in July last year.
My brother was milking one of the Dexter cows in this picture I painted a few years ago.
See that gorgeous ginger kitten in my painting, his name is Teddy and this is what he looks like now.  A handsome, happy, affectionate, purring farm cat.

 Before I go, I have two more photos for you that were taken on an early morning walk.  A country road on the boundary of my parents farm.  The first photo looks north and the second south.

Thank you for taking the time to look at these photos of a place that is very close to my heart.

Anne xx


  1. Brilliant photos and I adore your painting of your brother. How special is that?

    Pam x

  2. Your photos are so beautifully clear and full on colour. I love them. And did you say you painted that picture. Wow!! I had to look three times to be sure it wasn't a photo. You are so talented. Cherrie

  3. I have enjoyed this post!

    I love that first tree picture and the cows. I didn't grow up on a farm so didn't have any cows but I grew up surrounded by them and I just love them. How nice to have such a tame bull. I dream of having enough land one day to have a couple of pet cows... I'd need to win the lottery first though!

    Very interesting to find the ant trails too. What a great place to grow up!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the calendar. I'm enjoying sending them as it's giving me a nice picture to look at too and I'm learning about places I might now have heard of otherwise! I'm looking forward to the next one already!


  4. Hey Anne, what a lovely post, gorgeous photos, love the tree, the tanks and looking down the road. The Dexters are so cute, a size I would feel comfortable around.....
    Like Willywagtail I had to look at your painting a couple of times, to make sure it wasn't a photo. It's absolutely brilliant, what a talent. Remember my mum saying she never felt happier than when she was sitting next to a cow and milking it.....Now that's a farm girl for you.
    I can understand why this place is so close to your heart, it's just beautiful. Wish I could send you some of the rain we've been having over here in the East.

    Claire :}

  5. Oh Australia is definitely on my list for the next time I go down under. We are aiming for a visit to New Zealand in 2012, so I can dream about visiting Australia then too. You put me right in the mood for it.

  6. You painted that!!!???
    It's awesome!!
    I thought it was a photograph!

    Love the first shot.
    Days that have dark clouds and sunnyness always make the best photos.

    It certainly looks dry.
    About how far up or down is this spot in WA?


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