Thursday, 6 January 2011

Summer and our raspberries

It's a very nice 29C here this evening at 7.00pm.  Not too hot, great weather for wearing no sleeves and thongs,(that's flip flops just so you're not shocked).  We haven't started to have a proper summer until now so I'm enjoying hanging the clothes on the line and having them dry, having all the windows open to let fresh air in and hearing the water feature bubbling and gurgling.

Another thing I'm enjoying are these.
It may not look much but to us it is bounty.  A couple of years ago, hubbie decided to try growing raspberries and I'm sure glad he did.  I picked these 10 minutes ago and would have eaten as many yesterday in between hanging washing out and watering the garden.  We are very proud of this little harvest.  We've tried growing nectarines and peaches, no luck.  We have two apple trees but they never seem to fruit much and then the parrots bite them off.  We do have two lemon trees and they do produce, but raspberries, you can't get anything better except perhaps a home grown tomato.

I think we might just sample these raspberries with some strawberries and ice cream after the eating the yummy beef curry I've made for dinner tonight.  There might be a glass of wine to be sampled  too.  Summer is - bliss.

Have a great evening or day,

Anne  xx


  1. Oh my! A glimpse of summer. I can almost smell them. Enjoy your summer.

  2. It made me smile when you described a 29°c evening as 'not too hot'! Here in England, that sort of number is only usually reached at lunchtime, and even then it's rare and a heatwave - we all start melting and complaining here from anything above 25 during the day and can't sleep when nights are in the high teens!!

    It's lunchtime here as I type and just 2°c so I'm a little jealous that I can't wear my flip flops too!

    I'm glad you have decided to join in the photo scavenger hunt... perhaps you could just find the oldest tombstone you can?

    Oh and our raspberries look very good!

  3. Aren't those raspberries just so pretty? Lucky you!



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