Sunday, 13 February 2011


Blue hydrangeas from my garden in a silver vintage water jug.  The birdy was a gift from my sister and the silver toast rack is working really well as our new mail holder.

I'll let you in on a little secret, my hutch isn't usually this tidy.  I tidied it just for you.  :)

Have a wonderful week,

Anne  xx


  1. That birdy has a sister and is living in my house!

    Those hydrangeas are gorgeous as well as the very tidy hutch.

  2. Oh your hydrangeas are so pretty Anne, love them when they are that shade :)

  3. Beautiful!
    And especially beautiful in that gorgeous jug.

  4. Gorgeous blue Anne. Thanks for your conversation on my last post. I just came across this..written by Kolleen from Heart Wing Sisters as a guest post at Viviennnes on "self love" & thought that you might like to catch up with it: sounds so much like what you were saying : ) Much love Catherine

  5. I love blue hydrangeas, they are my favourite flower. I have some in my front garden but they are pink - I'm sure there is some way of turning them blue....something to do with the soil - but I am too scared to mess around with them!

    I do have a question Anne - do you prune your hydrangeas? Obviously we are still in winter here and I still have last years dead flowers on the bush. I'm not sure whether to cut them back or not? x

  6. Hey Anne, gorgeous hydrangeas in the jug, just loooooove the blue. My mum used to grow them, wonderful specimens, pink and blue. They created a lovely cool, shady area along the side of the house. Makes me think of childhood summers.
    They look lovely on the hutch tidy or not so...........
    Cooler, cloudy day here, no humidity but showers on the way,

    Claire :}

  7. Hi Anne!
    Hydrangeas and silver...has my heart just like tulips and white pitchers!
    I don't think I've ever seen blue hydrangeas that bright before...they are gorgeous. I think I've heard they don't grow blue...maybe you know? I can't even get mine to grow let alone change colors! :)

    I want to thank you for the sweet thoughts you send to me ~

  8. Beautiful colour. My one and only hydrangea bush did not survive. Seeing your flower heads makes me want to try again.

    (Love that you tidied up!)


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