Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Progress, achievements and a little luxury

Hi everyone, I have  progress to report.  Firstly, my right hand that was stung by a European wasp on Sunday no longer looks like this.  It was red, swollen and hot to the touch, yucky.

After realising it was not going to improve without an antihistamine, I made a quick trip to the chemist Monday morning and came home with some non drowsy antihistamine tablets (I didn't want to fall asleep in art class that afternoon), and a cream to help with the itchiness and the heat the sting was generating.  Almost back to normal now with only a little itchiness.

The second area of progress is this.  More crochet triangles for bunting.
This seems like meagre amount to have made considering when I started.  How do you ladies who crochet get so much done?

My achievement today is gardening.  I now have one section of garden that resembles a garden rather than a scene from The Day of the TriffidsFor those who are not familiar with triffids,  "a triffid is a tall, mobile, carnivorous, prolific and highly venomous fictional plant species—the titular antagonist in John Wyndham's 1951 novel The Day of the Triffids."  I had plenty of triffids in the wheelbarrow and used almost every gardening tool I could find in the garage to attack them.

 In between carting barrow loads of weeds, leaves and overgrown plants to the big garden rubbish bag that gets collected once a month, I sustained myself with this.  Hard work gives me an appetite.
This may be considered a good breakfast for some,  but for me it was a good lunch.  An egg from our own chooks with a few cherry tomatoes I found just ripened in the vege garden, on toasted homemade bread.  With a full belly, I was ready to get stuck in again.

 The reward for my 5 hours of gardening is this.
An area of garden almost free of weeds where I can now see the plants that are supposed to be there.  I grubbed out plants that had overtaken others and trimmed back those a bit too greedy for the sun to make room for those plants not quite so pushy.  It is so much better than it was.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I got stuck in.  Just use your imagination.  JUNGLE!
Little lost garden fairy/angel has been found again.
And can now see what he/she is doing.
Mr frog has discovered there is a world beyond the periwinkle that was obscuring his view and now has clear, fresh water to admire his reflection.
Can you guess what my little luxury is going to be after a hard day working in the garden?
Yes.  A nice BIG cold iced coffee!
Miss C. made dinner tonight so I have had the luxury of a big sit down.  I think it might be time for a shower and then doing something fun like make more crochet triangles for bunting.
See you soon.

Anne  xx


  1. What an amazing day you had Anne!
    so glad to hear your hand is a little better!

    I'm loving your triangles, your bunting will look fabulous when you finish.

    I always love to see your garden, well worth all that work :)

  2. You did well in the garden Anne..lovely healthy leaves on your winter roses. At least the soil would have been easier to work with after all your rain. Ooh aren't wasp stings so painful..& soo itchy as I recall. Love the crocheted bunting.. what will you hang it with do you think? Hope it's an ever improving week. Much love Catherine x

  3. Glad your sting is almost better. I love the crochet triangles! The shades of green are lovely and go rather well with the pinks. I look forward to seeing a finished piece!

  4. Good to see your hand is better. Nasty little things.

    I love it in the garden when I prune something back and discover a lost plant. We have a metal dog that is gradually hidden each year by the great big leaves of our fig tree. Once the leaves fall, there he is again. Ever changing gardens!

  5. What a few days it's been for you! So glad your wasp sting has settled down. It did sound terribly painful.
    Good job clearing all those Triffids :D
    I think you're doing wonderfully well with the crochet bunting, I love the colours.

  6. Hej Anne

    I am glad you like the clock too...
    Wow! Painful...wasps stings are nasty.
    I LOVE your crochet bunting, it co-ordinates with my clock hehehe!
    Stunning colours and beautifully crocheted!
    I really lack colour here in's minus -16 this morning at 7am and snow is expected this I good be shoveling on my own today, boys at school, hubby in London and the dog needs his Rabies booster vaccine today ARGH!
    Brunch and Iced Coffee look wonderful at your house...infact everything looks lovely... just so lovely. And you have CHICKENS!
    Have a wonderful weekend hope your end is much better

  7. I know what you mean about slow-going when it comes to crochet.
    It's taken me 18 months to nearly finish a blanket - I reckon I've got another 4 months at least to go.
    I'm an ice-coffee fan too (in fact I had one today) - I see you go with a bit of vanilla - must try that.

    How many chickens do you have?
    I'm trying to convince my husband I need a couple.

    Glad your hand is better.

  8. OH MY GIDDY AUNT! Your garden is sublime. The jaw is on the floor.

    (nb: secret to prolific crochet is to learn to do it while on the go. Warning: there is no dignity in crocheting while walking, even if you do get lots of incidental crafting happening).

  9. The sting sounds painful - glad your hand is getting better. You have been working hard and your garden looks lovely and lush and green. Look forward to seeing your bunting hanging somewhere in the garden:)


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