Saturday, 26 February 2011

Why I wear gardening gloves

Today has been the most glorious day with beautiful weather we haven't seen much of this summer.  It provided the perfect opportunity for me to attend to another section of garden that has been begging for attention for months.  So out I went donned in daggy gardening clothes, armed with wheelbarrow, trowel, secateurs, forked weed digger and of course gardening gloves.  I usually wear gardening gloves 'cos I don't like dirt getting under my nails and getting jabbed by rose thorns, bitten by spiders etc.  Today I was extra glad I was wearing gloves because while I was digging around weeding, this is what came to say hello.
Image found here,

At first I though it was some kind of insect or wormy thing as it was  partially buried in the dirt and then I saw the stinger come up and I could see it was a scorpion.  I'm so glad I had my gloves as these little critters can give you quite a sting.

When I researched what type of scorpions
are to be found where I live, I was relieved to discover that the ones in Australia don't kill you.  I've since read that they are good for controlling pests in the garden but unfortunately I wasn't privy to this information before I killed him.  Sorry scorpion, you scared me.

So here is the garden I worked on today.  Unfortunately the sun had gone behind clouds and I don't have many flowers as it's quite shaded here and the weather hasn't been warm enough.  At least it is tidy and mainly weed free now.

If you look at the top right hand section of the photo you can see the chook house and run.  The rectangular section at the back, hiding behind the tree fern trunk, are the laying boxes.  We can check for eggs without having to go into the pen.  Chook run, raised chook house with ladder and laying boxes designed and built by my wonderful handyman hubby.  The two chooks we have are going through a broody phase and are making the most ridiculous, indignant clucking noises, fluffing themselves out to twice their normal size.  Silly chooks.  :)

Well that's my Saturday to date.  Lovely Claire from Sweet Birdy Love
suspects I'm crocheting with my new wool. Unfortunately not, as I've discovered I have another six bunting triangles to crochet to finish my project.  There will be a reveal when I've finished, promise.

Have a wonderful Sunday. 

Anne  xx

P.S.  Look what hubby made for dinner.  Home made burgers.  YUM!!


  1. Oh goodness Anne! what a nasty surprise finding a glad you didn't get a sting from it. I bet the chooks would have loved to have found him for their dinner ;)

    Your garden looks so lovely!

  2. Hey Anne, i bet you'll whip through those 6 triangles lickety split so you can get into that new wool.
    Had to ring Spotlight and see if the wool I needed was on sale and yes it is ,yippee.....
    Sale is on for a while so I own't have to rush in.
    Nasty surprise in the garden, glad you have gloves on. I always wear glove for the same reasons as you.
    We actually get scorpions in our house, they are tiny, not much bigger than your thumbnail and I've got to say they are quite cute at that size.......
    That burger looks delish, well done hubby.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  3. Yikes! Considering the worst we get are house spiders (and I'm not very good at dealing with them!) I think I would've fainted! x

  4. My children would love to find one of those. They watch far too many nature programmes. I think it would surprise me too. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. So glad you had those gloves! I hate creepy crawlies but the hamburger looks delish!

  6. You have such a lovely garden. Being out in one totally changes your perspective doesn't it. Don't think I would like to find a scorpion though. I know we have adders since we have found a shed skin once, but as yet I haven't spotted one....

  7. OMG - I didn't know scorpions lived anywhere but the desert!
    I wonder if we have any.
    I love all that bluestone in your garden.
    Did you put it in yourself?

    And that's a gorgeous tree fern.

  8. Hello Freefalling, :)
    Thanks for the comments on the bluestone. Yes, we put the bluestone in ourselves. When we first moved in, we had a severe drainage problem and had drains put in all over the back yard. We're on a slope and the stormwater run off from neighbours up the hill comes into our property. I'm rambling, sorry. A quote to landscape the back yard a little bit with sleepers and a few rocks came in at $1500. Forget that. So we found some bluestone at a good price and handyman hubby laid them and made the steps. Isn't he awesome? It's a lovely feature of the backyard now. He is currently working on remodeling the pergola to give us more shelter in winter and then it will be back to completing the other half of the drystone wall down the front drive. It is a very pleasant escape from his IT work during the week. :)
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  9. Your garden is beautiful, flowers, chooks, it reminds me of the garden I had once, we also had a huge veggie patch and fruit trees and raspberrys etc.
    I wish I had known that the wool was on sale, I would have been there like a shot.


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