Monday, 28 February 2011

Photo scavenger hunt - February

Here are my photos for Februarys photo scavenger hunt.

1.  A bridge
Puffing Billy railway bridge, Selby.

2.  Something with stripes
Stripey's tail, mid grooming if you please.

3.  A musical instrument
Our very old piano.  Hubby plays.

4.  A big lorry/truck
I took this photo driving home from wool shopping.  See those hills way in the distance, that's where I live.

5.  A round clock face
This clock is in our living room.  A good friend gave it to me a couple of years ago.  Sorry about the flash flare.

6.  My shoes
I inherited my mothers weakness for shoes.  These shoes are my last gasp at youth.  :)  Heels kill me now.

7.  A park bench
 Baynes Park, Monbulk

8.  A newspaper headline
This is a freebie handed out to train commuters each afternoon/evening.  Hubbie does the crossword and sudoku on the way home.

9.  A postbox

This photo was taken in the street of Miss G.'s school.  Our postboxes are ugly compared to the gorgeous ones I've seen in the U.K.

10.  Eyes
Yours truly.  Beautifully out of focus so you can't see the wrinkles, bags and dodgy mascara job.  :)

11.  Something heart shaped
A gift from the girls years ago for Mothers Day.

12.  Something red
Home grown tomatoes.

Looking forward to the March list. 
Have a great evening/day,

Anne  xx


  1. That looks like a fun challenge. A photo scavenger hunt. Looks like you live in a wonderful area. Isn't blogging just great, the way it gives us a little peak into the life of somenone on the other side of the world!

  2. Lovin' those tommies on the green glass plate, yum, summer on a plate......
    I'm with you Anne on UK post boxes and high heels unfortunately.
    Looks like a fun scavenger hunt.

    Enjoy your week,

    Claire :}

  3. Lovely photos - I do enjoy seeing those from further afield. Very envious of those homegrown tomatoes - it'll be a while before we have any!

  4. Great photos, Anne - it's nice to see different things - now I know what an Australian post box looks like. I love the bridge and Stripey is gorgeous:)

  5. Love those shoes. How I wish I could wear heels now.
    Anyone for free lebonese zuccini?

  6. Great idea - a photo scavenger hunt .... fab pics x

  7. I'm sorry to say I gasped when I saw your post box and I have to agree they are a bit ugly compared to the ones I'm used too! Still, it's nice to see what they look like on the other side of the world - now I know!

    I have enjoyed your photos again and am really enjoying this challenge each month!

    As it's March tomorrow (well, today for you I expect!) I was going to email you the new photo calendar, but it doesn't seem to have been produced yet. I haven't forgotten, I'll send it when it's available!

  8. I really like the idea of these challenges, they seem like great fun. Thank you so much for your kind comments over at mine - so sorry I haven't visited before xx

  9. Aren't those post boxes the ugliest?
    Love the bridge shot - those beautiful tall eucalypts and tree ferns.
    And the green plate with the red tomatoes is very striking.
    I'd kill for a piano like that - mum has bequeathed our family piano to me after she carks it - but it weighs a ton - should be interesting getting it to Vic from Qld.
    And your eyes are just beautiful.
    My favourite eye colour - green - just like my sister and mum (i'm very jealous).
    Had lots of fun scavenging - thanks for introducing me to the challenge.

  10. you've found some great photos! I was going to use our ginger cat for stripes too, but he was the star of the show last month, and I don't want the fame to go to his head.

  11. Love your photos scavenger hunt, Anne!
    I found you on Freefalling and I am glad I did.


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