Monday, 7 March 2011

Ivy heart

Some time ago when I was weeding the garden, I found a piece of ivy which I dug out as it is considered a weed where I live.  I also know what it can do if it gets away, it tries to smother and strangle our tree ferns and that would never do.  While digging around some more, muttering about weeds, grubs, earthworms and speaking nicely to my flowers, I suddenly had an idea what I could do with the ivy and an old wire coat hanger.

Ta dah!! 

There is a little way to go before I start pruning for a better shape, but we are on the way.  See the plants in the left foreground, they are self sewn primulas from last winter.  Don't you love it when nature does something wonderful?  Have you anything growing in your garden that is self sewn?  I'm sure the wonderful people in the northern hemisphere are checking their gardens daily for signs of spring.

Have a lovely day,

Anne  xx


  1. Hey Anne, your ivy heart will be lovely once it gets a go on. Would make nice gifts too.
    I have some self sown ZInnias which came up outside garden beds and in gravel paths in the vegie garden. I decided to leave them as they had gone to so much effort to grow there and they have put on a wonderful display.
    My mum once told me to put a broody chook in a hessian bag and hang it on the line on a windy day. Old wives tale or not I never tried it, but she also said to keep the chooks outside in the sunshine and that helps get the broodiness out of them.

    Hope the week has gotten off to a good start for you.

    Claire :}

  2. How pretty is that - and you would pay the earth for it in one of the lovely shabby chic home/garden shops. x

  3. Love your ivy heart, Anne!
    It's very beautiful!

    Have a lovely day too!


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