Sunday, 6 March 2011

The skirt that Miss C. made

I'm absolutely delighted to post about my other beautiful daughter Miss C.  We gave Miss C. a sewing machine for her 18th birthday which she absolutely loves.  It hasn't been used much yet, but today she was inspired to make a skirt, the material and pattern she has had for over a year.  It is a simple skirt with the fabric being a dark denim.  I'm so proud of her and she is so excited to have made a skirt in 2 hours.  Here she is modelling her skirt.

There are other reasons why I am particularly proud of Miss C.   It's a little complicated.  Last night for the second time in as many weeks, her only close girlfriend stood her up.  Apparently boyfriends now take precedence.  An arrangement had been made to come over to our place for a night of chilling and general girl fun and the last minute excuse from "the friend" was she had no money for petrol.  We offered to pick up the friend and arrived at her house to find she was off with the boyfriend.  Miss C. was very hurt by this and I did my best to help her look on the positive side of things.  I haven't given Miss C. a driving lesson for some months as Dad has been responsible for getting her experienced enough that I feel comfortable in the car with her.  Last night I was in the car with her on the way to her friends house (Dad was making pizza), so now that I can see she is driving well, that means more potential lessons during the week with me and not just on the weekend with Dad.    I suppose that's a bit of a lame positive when you've been hurt badly by a friend, but you have to try to help your kids find the positive in these types of situations.  And today instead of mooching around, she got all creative (with my suggestion) and used her energy in a positive way. 

Life has some very steep learning curves for our kids, but now Miss C. will understand more fully the value of true friendship, the importance of being reliable and trustworthy to name just a few things.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week,

Anne  xx


  1. Congrats Miss C. a wonderful effort with the skirt. No doubt there will be more sewing taking place.

    Life, we are forever learning and it's never easy watching the kids learn the hard lessons.
    Still one of those lessons is to look on the bright side of a situation and find the positives. That's the thing us mums are good at Anne.

    Have a great week,

    Claire :}

  2. These girls! The problems just get bigger and more complicated as they get older don't they. So glad she coped so fantastically though and how clever - great skirt. x

  3. I would say that Miss C did good on the skirt. And even with a zipper! Hate to put those things in. lol

    Tell her to hold her chin up high and go on smiling. It will get better...

  4. Friends can be such idiots when it comes to boys.
    I hope she gave her friend an earful when she caught up with her!
    I reckon you have to call people on their bad behaviour.
    Without being nasty.

    Love that little skirt.
    I have a similar one - but LONG, very LONG - I don't have the gorgeous legs of Miss C!


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