Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My favourite Little Golden books

One of the lovely memories I have of growing up is looking at and reading books.  I had a four favourites Little Golden Books that I just had to find to read to my girls when they were little.  My all time favourite was Tootle, followed by Thumper, then The Little Red Hen and Three Little Kittens.

Just for fun, I'm showing some pages from those books.  I wonder if they will jog any memories? 


I loved these illustrations.  The butterflies, dragonflies and all those flowers draped around Tootle, magical.  I love dragonflies.


 I love how these rabbits have ridiculously long eyelashes.

Scared little Thumper looks so cute.

The Little Red Hen

I loved this story probably because I grew up on a farm with wheat growing and my mum made our bread. 

My grandma read this to me many times, I'm sure she was heartily sick of it.

  Just have a look at this bed.  Isn't it to die for?  :)  When I was a little girl I always wanted a four poster bed just like this.

Three Little Kittens

How disciplining children use to be done.

I found it very hard to choose which pages I would share today.   I wanted to put them all in but how ridiculous would that be?  Thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane.

Anne   xx


  1. I have the "Three Little Kitten" book. Its in middling's bookcase, I think. I have a whole host of the old books from my childhood, my siblings (I'm youngest of four) and my mother's. I love the pictures. Some of the storylines would not make it into publication now a days.

    The one problem I find with reading some of them is that the language does not flow like modern stories. I end up stumbling on some phrases.

    How I wish I could draw kittens like those!

  2. wow they look lovely. I think the little red hen one is my favourite, I love his outfit! I want copies of these books now!

  3. What a beautiful and inspired post, Anne!
    I loved it so much!
    All those books are lovely!
    Did you know that I have many old books of my childhood too?
    I have a book similar to "Three Little Kittens", it is "Five Little Kittens" and the illustration is very similar too.
    Thanks for sharing! You inspire me to go to my bookshelf and review many old books of my childhood.
    Have a nice day!


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