Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Snoop fodder

Kirsty over at kootoyoo thought it might be fun to have a little snoop at what we have on our bookshelves.  I was assured that styling and dusting weren't mandatory before posting photos.  So here are some of the places you can find reading material in my house.  Emphasis here on some of the places.  There are more.

In the lounge room.  Grown up sensible books on fashion, photography, gardens, decorating and oil painting reside here.

Entry way with bookshelf home to magazines on home decorating, gardening and crafts.

 Kids books and a few other bits and pieces.  Keeping the kids books for the grandkids which I hope are years away yet.

More books including novels, dictionaries, text books, yet more magazines, folders containing magazine cut outs, map books, photo albums and other general junk.

That's it for today's snooping fodder.  There are way too many places that need a good clean out and reorg.

Linking up to with kootoyoo, see above.  I'll be back later with some of my favourite little Golden books, a happy blast from the past.

Anne  xx


  1. Love the splash of peacock. I have always loved peacock feathers & we used to have them in my bathroom growing up...until mum got all superstitious & pitched them out.

  2. My son would love your peacock feathers too - he's had one in his room for about 2 years since being given it at the Children's Farm.

  3. Hi Anne,
    Love seeing your bookshelves! So nice the style of the table on entry way. Love the decoration of the bookshelf of Kids books and also love the green color of the wall and the white door. Very charming.

    Kirsty from kootoyoo had a great idea!

    PS: If you have the time, please, take a look on posts I did about Bookshelves from my own and from my blog friends too. I did a serie of 6 post about Books. Click on the first, Books, Books and Books. If you wish to see more, click on Subject - Temas, on label BOOKS.


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