Saturday, 5 March 2011


WARNING!!!  This post features the colour orange.  It's bright, it's bold and it's......well very orange.  Sunglasses may be needed.

Miss G. has the honour of being a house captain at her school this year.  The colour of her house is orange and when the school has either swimming carnivals or athletics days, the girls and teachers are encouraged to dress to the max in their house colours.

The house leaders got together and decided to purchase Morph suits in their house colours.  That in itself has been a big hit.  However Miss G. being Miss G. had decided to take it a few steps further and she was very willingly assisted by her mother.  Here she is dressed for the athletics day held yesterday.

Miss G. made the wig from an old pair of tights and orange wool which she cut into clumps and sewed into the tights.  She used an old pair of white canvas shoes and dyed them with orange paint.  We bought an orange feather boa which is around her neck and I found a child's little dress-up skirt in orange and because Miss G. is so petite, she was able to fit it around her waist.  The cape is just a piece of orange fabric I had stashed away in the cupboard.

I got to thinking that we could add a bit more orange to the costume so I came up with the idea of painting a paper mache letter O with orange paint and then cover it with orange glitter glue.  I painted some thin dowel orange and hubby cut it in half and glued it together.  He drilled a hole through the bottom of the O and up through to the top and then glued the dowel in place.  The now gorgeous O was finished of with an orange tassel and orange and white ribbon to hold it in place.

I'm sure you've seen enough orange for one post but I just had to include this last photo.  Check out the dog, she was wondering what on earth was going on.  :)

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Anne  xx


  1. Yowsers, am feeling a little green looking at all that orange.......

    Great family effort putting this together.

    Hope Miss G's house won, if not the swimming then an award for dressing up.
    Poor dog, she's looking a little left out.

    Enjoy yoru Saturday,

    Claire :}

  2. That is definitely ORANGE. Hope it was a hit!

  3. Wonderful - I hope her team won :)

  4. This is fun!!! Miss G looks amazing. What are the other house colours?

  5. In answer to your questions, Miss G.'s house came second at the athletics carnival and first at the swimming carnival for team spirit.
    The other house colours are purple, red, green, blue, yellow and silver. Lots of scope for some really cool costumes with these colours. I was staggered at the creativity of many of the girls and teachers. Half the fun of the day is seeing what everyone is wearing.


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