Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Photo scavenger hunt - March

Here are my entries for the Photo scavenger hunt - March, 2011.

1.  Peeling paint
Tired old boat at Cannons Creek, Mornington Peninsula

2.  A shadow
My shadow in the early morning Western Australian sun.  Photo taken on my parents farm January, 2011.

3.  Something as old as me.
My teddy bear Leanne.

4.  A ring
This is the ring my gorgeous hubby gave me on our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  It is yellow gold and has 20 diamonds, one for each year of marriage.  Isn't he a sweetie.  Sorry the photo is so blurry, I just can't take good close up photos on my camera.

5.  A rainbow
This was taken from our backyard late last winter.  If you look close you can actually see there are three rainbows.  The main one is a double and above that is another very faint one.

6.  A lamb
Pet lambs on my brothers farm in Western Australia.  Photo taken July, 2010.

7.  A lion
In the middle of Berwick township, Victoria.

8.  Fancy gate
Rear gate entry to a local organic cafe/resturant. 
This was my hardest photo to find as fancy gates are few and far between where I live.  This building is the most historic in my local area.

9.  A collection
Some of my collection of owls.

10.  Something sentimental
My Granny's rose gold Rolex watch which was a wedding gift to her from my Grandfather.  They were married in the 1920's so it is quite old.  I use to wear it on a regular basis but some of the links have worn away.  It still keeps very good time.

11.  An empty chair
Cannons Creek, Mornington Peninsula.  I'm taking a bit of photographic liscence here.  I just loved this picnic table and seats all over grown with native habitat.

12.  Something green
A lady in a green canoe at Cannons Creek.  Thank you to this generous lady who was happy to have her photo taken.

Looking forward to Aprils list.

Anne  xx


  1. ooh well done, great photos :)

    I still have one to get, but I'll be posting my attempts tomorrow!

  2. Great photos! It was quite a challenge this month - looking forward to April's list now:)

  3. Oh Wow!
    That watch!
    So beautiful - how wonderful to have it.
    I know what you mean about a dearth of fancy gates! Few and far between (not too many lambs around at this time of year either).
    Love the picnic bench with the grass growing through it.
    And I laughed at your teddy's name (in a nice way!) - what we chose to name our dolls and pets!
    I must have been a terribly unimaginative child - my bear was "teddy" and my cat was "puss"!

  4. Hi

    I'm just stopping by to say that I've chosen your blog for an award if you'd like to accept it! I received an award today which asked me to link to 10 other blogs, so I decided to pass it on to you! The details are in my post here



  5. Interesting list. Going through yours, I couldn't help thinking which ones I would have found difficult to capture. I think the hardest one would be the rainbow. Lots of farm gates around here, so probably the ornate gate would have been tricky as well. You did well!

  6. great finds, I love that you saw a triple rainbow xxxxx

  7. A real rainbow! Lovely photos - your teddy could be related to mine!

  8. I'm always so happy to see a real rainbow. I wish I owned an old bear like yours. x

  9. wonderful photos. The shadow & bear ones are my favourites.

  10. That's one gorgeous rainbow Anne!

  11. What a super gate and I love owls.

    I took a bit of artistic licence with my empty chair too. Like you, I couldn't resist the shot I had found!

  12. great photos. my favourite are gate (i wnt that gate-what great garden folly it would make) and the empty seat- a little sad.
    interesting fact learned while reading a michael connelly book- owls were symbols of evil before they became symbols of wisdom - used by the painter hieronymus bosch


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