Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekend mini holiday

Hello everyone.  Today hubby and I went out for the day as we both needed a break away from the usual weekend routine.  Hubby has been hard at work on remodeling our pergola and as it is half way to completion, I thought it would be a good time for us to have a little weekend holiday.

We had two possible destinations in mind either the Yarra Valley which is full of wineries and is beautiful in the autumn or the Mornington Peninsula which means we could drive through beautiful country, visit the sea and a mariner.  The Peninsula won our vote.

We had a leisurely start to the day not leaving super early as it is only a bit over an hours drive to the Peninsula from our home.  Our first stop was Yaringa Marina where we had coffee and a look at the boats.

This part of the coast is very swampy with mangroves growing and at low tide, the mud crabs come out to feed.  As it was low tide while we were visiting, we saw a number of crabs like the one below.  I lent over the rail from where we were having coffee to take this photo.  There were many crabs out and about but as soon as they sense movement, they run back into their holes for protection.

After coffee we headed for Flinders, a lovely town on the coast.  We decided to take some of the back roads which are far more interesting than the main roads.  When I saw this handsome fella, I asked hubby to stop the car so I could go and say hello.

We communed for about 5 minutes.  He had a super soft velvety mouth and face and was quite happy to let me pet him.  For an animal lover, this was truly one of the highlights of my day.  Further down the road we came across this quirky display of road side mail boxes.  Do you think someone was having a party by any chance with those balloons on display?

I particularly like the old green plastic toolbox being used as a mailbox.

These ducks were having a wonderful time in the water with a good deal of squabbling going on.  As soon as I came closer they all headed away out of the water so I was unable to get a closer photo of them.

This is Stumpy Gully Road where the above three photos were taken.

We passed a couple of people bike riding along the road, it was a beautiful day for it.
We had lunch in Flinders at this little place which was extremely busy although I managed to take this photo without anyone entering or exiting.  We sat outside in a little nook just behind the shrubbery on the left of the photo.  How could hubby and I resist the "Boozy Beef Pie" with salad?  It was delicious.  Hic!

 From the Flinders coast you can see a view of Phillip Island which is just 5 miles away across the water.  Unfortunately the "Boozy Beef Pie" rendered it impossible for me to take a photo with a level horizon.   Sorry.  Hic!

A pretty coastal view. 

The pier and houses belonging to some wealthy folk.

After visiting Flinders I asked hubby if we could visit Cannons Creek on the way home.  Cannons Creek is  another community on a coastal mangrove swampy area which we have visited many times over the years.  It was low tide while we were there today.  The shore is muddy and sticky rather than sandy but I love it as it's such a peaceful place.  The first time I saw this yellow house I fell in love with it and have always wanted to live in it, it's right on the water front.

Low tide.

This board walk on the foreshore takes you to the (my) yellow house and an old boat launching area.

This photo is an overgrown resting area on the board walk and the view seen when you are sitting on the seat.  :)  Hubby took the photo of me sitting on the seat and I'm sorry it's blurry.  I included it because I think I look ridiculous, you can't even see my head for overgrown foliage.  :)

The old boat launching area.

Look at this tired old boat.  I love the anchor.

After our return walk along the board walk, it was time to head home.  We had one more stop on the way home but you'll see what that was all about when I post the March scavenger photo hunt photos.  Stay tuned!

Now it's time to iron school uniforms and business shirts for the week ahead.  Our little break away for the day was lovely and I think I'll be planning another one soon.

Have a fantastic week,

Anne  xx


  1. Just loved the photos, I almost feel I have been on the trip with you.

  2. What a lovely, meandering day you two had. I think they are the very best. I miss the sea, we are about 4 hours from in now (used to live in San Diego, moments away, once upon a time). What a perfect way to end the weekend.

    Thank you, so so much, for your kind words to me. Your support is palpable, and means more than I can say.

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. it is good to have a change and it looks like a lovely day you had! Is Phillip Island the one with all the penguins? We watched a 6 part documentary about it last year.

  4. I just loved all those pictures, what a lot of beauty you have taken in and Thank you for sharing I can not wait for those days to arrive. I can only send pictures of snow and ice if you would like? :D
    Happy Sunday Anne!
    Hugs Rosemary...X

  5. Wish I'd been sitting in the back seat of the car.
    Looks like a lovely day.
    It's been ages since I've been down to the Peninsula.
    One day we will drive to Geelong and take the ferry across to Sorrento.
    Love the little yellow house and the tired old boat.

  6. What a nice trip, Anne! Sounds you both had a great time.
    Love the photos and the yellow house looks very inviting.

  7. I'm glad you had a great time! Love your photos, they're all amazing! Have a happy week!!!


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