Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Another cushion cover

I've fallen in love with sewing all over again and just had to make another cushion cover.  This time it's for a cushion on the sofa in what we call the chill out room.  Basically it was a room originally destined to be a dining room on our house plans but has evolved into being a space for a desktop computer, a clothes airing area, sofa bed for overnight guests, bookcases etc.  Back to the cushion cover.

I found the fabric at Spotlight in the remnant bin for 50 cents.  It is a good quality fabric and I love the colours and pattern.  This was such an easy cover to make and once again I decided to hand stitch the button holes.  I was thinking about how I would style this photo and our other cat Bungee solved the problem for me.  :)

The reverse side and Bungee's back.

Making the buttonholes.

Bungee being cute and stealing the show.

Have a lovely day everyone,

Anne  xx


  1. 50cents?!!
    I think it's fabulous!
    The thought never occurred to me that you could do button holes by hand - I dunno what I thought they used to do in the olden days.

  2. What a bargain, that's great fabric. Bungee looks very comfy there!

  3. Ooo I like that fabric! Your cat is just want to reach out and stroke him! We also have a 'dining room' which has turned into a study/guestroom...although it still has a stonking great big table in it!

  4. Oh how lovely fabric! I love the pattern too, very beautiful and delightful, such a great deal! I also love the way you made button hole, easy to follow but it's a great idea, another inspiring thing you've made! And your Bungee looks soooooo cute!!!
    Have a gorgeous week!!! xo

  5. I'm with you on hand-stitching button holes. I use the machine if I am in a hurry, but am always more pleased when I take the time to do it by hand. Your cushions from this post and the last look beautiful. And oh, so much sweeter for not costing the earth!

    Bungee is a natural model. So gorgeous.

  6. That is so lovely & bright & obviously Bungee likes it !

  7. Very cheery fabric, and what a cute kitty!

  8. That fabric is gorgeous - you made it really well too. Your cat is a star! xxxx

  9. What a gorgeous cushion cover, Anne!
    So cheerful!

    Your cat is cute and looks adorable too.

  10. your kitty certainly steals the show, mine do that too! cushion is lovely as well!

  11. Your cushion is lovely, but Bungee is gorgeous!! He certainly loves the camera doesn't he?

    I learnt to sew last year after years of thinking myself incapable and my Hubby has begged me not to make any more cushions!! Of course they were the perfect thing to make when I was learning so I made quite a few. Never tried a buttoned back though - maybe we could do with one more?

    S x

  12. awwwwww.....Bungee you are toooooooo cute!!!!
    What a gorgeous cushion Anne, love that fabric and well done on the hand sewn button holes, I remember learing them in Textiles and Design at school, I prefer hand stitching button holes to using my sewing machine, very enjoyable :)


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