Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New cushion cover

Yesterday I had the urge to make something on the sewing machine and decided on a new cushion cover for one of the many cushions that sit on my bed.  The current covers are 12 years old, so I think a change might be needed.  I chose some fabrics from my stash and came up with this.

 The reverse side of the cushion is made from this large polka dot fabric which I love as much as the front fabric.

 I decided I would hand sew the buttonholes.  Although I can do it on my machine, it's difficult and I rather like sitting down doing something by hand.  I chose some pretty buttons from my stash to complete the cover.

The machine sewing is not great close up as I had a problem with the needle.  I didn't realise that part of the point had broken off and wondered why the fabric kept pulling.  After I changed the needle, all was well.

Have a wonderful day,

Anne  xx


  1. I love it...I have one that really needs to be recovered, and I think you've helped to inspire me.

  2. Gorgeous fabric and you have done a great job.
    Pam x

  3. Love your cushion cover Anne, great fabric combos too.

    I remember learning to sew buttonholes at school....

    Looks like you've done a great job, the little bit I could see.

    Hope you haven't been washed away down there, sounds like Melbourne is getting a lot of rain today.

    Claire :}

  4. oh what lovely fabric it is! It's nice to have a change every so often isn't it!

  5. I think you have done a brilliant job. I don't see anything other than beauty in the finished work. I love the buttons they add that extra something. Great!! (Yollie)

  6. Oh this is lovely - great fabric, so bright and spring-like heading into winter. I have trouble even sewing on a button, so I am in awe of anyone who can do more than that!


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