Friday, 29 April 2011


I feel a philosophical post coming on, so if you are looking for a lighthearted breezy post today, this isn't going to be one of them.

I wanted to say a few things about blogging and what it means to us.  There are many different reasons why we blog, but I think one of the main reason we do is to communicate, to have a sense of belonging to a community, to have a voice and for someone to listen.  I will be talking a bit about myself here so please tune out now if you wish.

I started blogging back in July last year, actually I stumbled into it and had no idea where it would take me or whether I had anything interesting to say and contribute.  I now find that is not the most important part of blogging for me.  The best part about blogging is getting to know other people and enjoy some of the experiences they have and their achievements.  For example Louise takes me on these most amazing walks (through her blog) and I'm discovering things about England I never knew.  Lucy and Jacquie have taught me how to crochet through their fantastic tutorials.  I'm learning just how strong women can be from Amy and  Donna even in the most difficult of circumstances.  You won't find what I'm referring to in just one post by these ladies, you would have to trawl their archives to get the full picture.  But WOW, they are amazing people, although they would be the last to say that.

So blogging fills a need for community in my life.  I find myself somewhat isolated socially because most of my girlfriends work outside the home and I do not.  But I have wonderful people from all over the world who are now a part of my community, those that I follow and those that follow me.   I'm so grateful for you and I'd like to say a big hello to my new followers here.  :)

I realise that this is a rambling kind of post but I'm getting to something else I've been thinking about the last few days and that's we cannot really understand someone unless we have walked in their shoes.  It's quite easy for us to be judgemental toward our fellow man/woman but I would like us to stop for a few moments and think how being judgemental can possibly be helpful to either the person who is being judged or to ourselves.  I'm not talking about our opinions here, we are all entitled to them, it's best they are kept to ourselves sometimes so as not to hurt others.

  I follow a number of blogs that are dedicated to having a beautifully decorated house in the shabby chic, all white style.  I like the look, enjoy seeing all the lovely arrangements they come up with on their mantels, their displays of objects from an era past, but I could never aspire to having a houses like theirs.  A little part of me would like too, so I live out those little dreams by viewing their blogs.  I have in the past viewed some blogs that always seem to be accumulating, acquiring and changing their decorations and asked myself, when will these people ever be happy with what they have?  Then I read a post by Wendy which gave me a totally different perspective on the need for some people decorate and then redecorate and it's called having a CREATIVE OUTLET.  Of all people, I should have understood that 'cos I'm in to all things creative.  I realised that I had been making judgements (silently) about people I had no business to be making judgements about.  It's a bit like me buying more yarn, or more card and papers, or another canvas and more oil paints so I can be creative.

There are some in blog land going through really tough times who see somebody elses ability (financially and time wise) to be creative, as a non essential part of life.  For them they are so hard at work keeping their heads above water emotionally, physically, mentally or financially, there is no room left for anything else.  What might be seen as a case of sour grapes, is the cry of a person who is so depleted of any time to just BE.  To have room for a little head space.  It is very easy for us to judge these people too when the best thing we can do is be empathetic, encouraging and supportive.

So I guess this post is about respecting and appreciating our differences, of realising things may not be what they seem from just reading a couple of blog posts and that we all have something unique to offer if only we'd scratch a little harder under the surface to find it. 

Have a lovely weekend every one and to those of you royal wedding watching, enjoy.

Anne  xx


  1. Great post Anne. This blogging malarkey has opened my eyes wider too.

    Oh, and please know with ENTIRE certainty, that when you see a pic of a white mantel or whatnot on my blog it is ALL smoke and mirrors. Underneath and either side of that mantel is real life, no doubt including a 'floordrobe' of spilt-out-of-the-basket washing. And you should see the dust on the clock! (I don't 'do' dusting).

  2. Hi Anne , a very thought provoking post . I too love the sense of community and chance to communicate with people who have the same interests.Thankyou so much for the mention :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. You have pointed out so many of the things I find through Blogging too. I think it becomes so important to a great many of us.
    I try to keep my Blog lively & chatty but when I have felt low my Blogger friends have been so supportive. It's part of my life now !

  4. Great post, Anne!
    I also think that one of the main reason we blog is to communicate with other people all around the World. And I agree with you that the "best part about blogging is getting to know other people and enjoy some of the experiences they have and their achievements."
    Thanks for the links, I will soon visit your friends.

  5. I have enjoyed reading this post (I must have missed it yesterday somehow!) and agree with the things you have said. You put it all into words very well and I am so glad you enjoy my walks!

  6. Hello dear Anne, what a great post. I must say it has been so lovely to "watch" you find your voice & your creative stride through blogging. I think it is probably significant for you to have written this post on this blog & that your other is suffering a certain amount of neglect..a good thing : ) Isn't it intriguing that each of our worlds is similar but different even in the blogging none of us have the exact same contacts or friendships but are all able to find our place in this strange unseen world. I am so thrilled that so much good is coming out of blogging for so many woman. Thanks for the reminder to check our own we keep being supportive & kind to one another. Have a great week. Much love Catherine x

  7. Well said.
    Blogging has meant different things to me over the 4 or so years since I've joined in.
    I try not to place any rules on myself for blogging I just go where it leads.
    I love finding like-minded people all over the world.
    Blogging enriches my life enormously.

  8. Lovely post Anne. I enjoyed your reasoning about the "white" blogs. I have also heard criticism of them and thought how unfair it was that other people spoke the way they did. Thanks for sharing this viewpoint. I like to try to remember to give people as much leeway as possible. I have a friend who people think of as strange because he has a strong personality and loses himself in what he is doing or thinking but those same people want their children to grow up as individuals. I think their lack of empathy is very sad. Some people seem to love nastiness and use it to 'sell' their blogs but I just steer away from them. Cherrie

  9. Oh this is such a beautiful post Anne, I've been blogging since blog has meant so much to me over the years, different things at different points in my life. I even had a time where I walked away from it for a while....but boy did it feel good to come back ;)
    I love the encouragment, support and friendship blogging gives, thank you for reminding us x


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