Saturday, 30 April 2011


   Here is Sophie, my beautiful labrador snoozing away in doggy land, dreaming about chasing possums, endless breakfasts and dinners and entering the kitchen which is out of bounds.

  Look at those big paws and floppy ears, the almost closed eyes.  What's not to love?  Is this a picture of innocence.  Nope.  The puppy trainer said Sophie was most stubborn labrador she had ever come across.  How about the fact that she is 8 1/2  years old going on 8 months.  She eats anything and has some really disgusting habits.  We won't talk about the cat litter box will we.  She has skin allergies and is forever scratching.  She has no manners and sniffs people you know where and when I'm vacuuming, she insists on being vacuumed too.  
She always tries to get in the door first.

She has absolutely no road sense and has to be walked on a lead.  She pulls me along so fast I'm almost at a trot and just imagine how funny that looks. 
I thought labradors behaved like puppies for about 2 years and then grew fat and lazy.  Not this one.  But despite her bad habits and annoying scratching, I love her.   
When you've been out and come home, dogs are always excited to see you.  Everyday is a good day for a dog unless they are ill.  They always have a smile on their face and wag their tail in appreciation.  And when they go missing you panic.

    Sophie escaped out of our backyard this afternoon.   I ran down the driveway to look for her and there she was up the road (fortunately on the footpath), having the time of her life.  She was having fun exciting a dog a few houses up the road who was being territorial.  She was also happily sniffing every blade of grass, tree and light post.  She's never been good at coming when called so I was expecting to have to run after her.  When I did call her, she turned around, looked at me and came racing towards me with a big, silly, happy grin all over her face, ears and mouth flopping in all directions.  I was so relieved she was o.k. and hadn't been injured.  The thought of her missing made me realise even more just how special she is to me.

She is such a huge part of our family and I'm grateful to have her.  
I love reading about animals and pets.  Have you any stories to share?

Anne  xx


  1. Sophie looks beautiful and adorable! Love all photos, principally you embracing Sophie. So lovely!

  2. What a lovely post!

    My grandad went blind many years ago and had a similar dog as a guide dog - I think she was labrador retriever cross. She was called Melody and was such a wonderful part of the family. She made a huge difference to Grandad, giving him some independence and every weekend we would walk her with my grandparents, mostly at a place called the Manifold Valley, in the peak district. Naturally, as children we would mess about in the rivers and things and would lag behind and every so often, Melody would sit down and refuse to walk on until the grandchildren had caught up and passed her, as if she wanted to keep us safe as well! Grandad died in 1997 and then my gran adopted melody as a retired guide dog. When Melody died a few years ago, my gran missed her and got a golden retriever who needed a new home. She was already quite old so was perfect for my ageing grandmother as she didn't need long walks or anything. When Gran died in 2008 that dog, Simba, came to live with us until she died aged 12 in January 2010. They were both such lovely dogs and the only thing I don't miss about either of them is the hair they shed! What a mess!

    Sorry, quite a long comment, but you did ask for a story!

  3. Hi Anne
    Thanks for your comment over at my blog. Sophie looks like a really lovely dog. I have two cats and would like a dog too but I am out at work all day so would feel a bit guilty leaving a dog in all day. Hope you enjoyed the wedding. I thought Kate looked beautiful.
    Susie X

  4. What a gorgeous girl Sophie is :o)

    We have two dwarf hamsters (since the middle of march) and one of them keeps escaping. It drives me mad! And their personalitys are so funny :o)

    Have a great Sunday Anne. xx

  5. Aaww, too nice............animals give you so much love and affection and Sophie obviously has a big heart despite her character traits.

    So glad she was safe, love the photo of the two of you.

    Give her a tummy tickle and a scratch behind her ears for me,

    Claire X

  6. Oh, Anne - she is gorgeous!!

    I know exactly how you feel when they go missing, we have two little short-legged Jack Russell terriers called Daisy and Milo.

    Their favouritest place in the whole world is the stables where I keep my horses. Daisy is very good and always stays nearby, but Milo loves to go of looking for rats and in the past has vanished for hours at a time!! We always worry he has gone down a rabbit hole!!

    (They have a penchant for the litter box too, bleuuurghhh!!)

    S x

  7. What a lovely post about Sophie.
    My dogs mean the world to me too.
    My little dog Skeeter enjoys kangaroo poo!

  8. Sophie is just Sophie, she's not bothered what labs are supposed to be like!! My dog Chelsea went walkabout a few weeks ago just after I had to have my old dog Kerry put to sleep. I think Chelsea was looking for her. I can't tell you how I panicked and it was late evening too. she eventually came back at a quarter past midnight and I have never been so pleased to see her.

  9. What a bundle of love! I could not live without animals....we at present have 6 kitties....your kitty is just beautiful!! I would love a dog someday...animals are one of the best things in life.....

  10. She's lovely, and not unusual in her behaviour! Labradors always eat anything the more disgusting the better - my dogs don't like the vacuum cleaner - one (a terrier) tries to attack it, the other flees into the furthest corner as she hates the noise!

    Pomona x

  11. How we love our canine friends. We feel just the same about our Joe Cocker. He has a lovely girlfriend just like Sophie. They play for hours. x

  12. Dogs are just the best medicine. Do you brush her daily. I think that is what has contributed to our chihuahua haing vastly improved skin and also the smaller papillion to having a much less oily fur. It doesn't have to take more than a couple of minutes and it sounds like she loves attention by the fact that she wants to be vacuumed. Funny dog! I've finally added this blog to my reading list instead of trying to catch up with you whenever you commented as I always enjoy your posts. Cherrie

  13. Sophie sounds perfect to me. Dogs are the most FABULOUS creatures on this earth. Can`t imagine life with my Ben.

    Aren`t we lucky!



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