Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Granny square cushion cover

Last year I started teaching myself to crochet and I'm totally addicted.  I started making some granny squares with the idea of making a cushion cover.  Well I've FINISHED!!!!!  Finally.  This is my TAH DAH moment.

Front view of cushion.
I didn't have enough matching buttons in either of these two colours in my stash so I decided to alternate them.

 Back view.
Incidentally, this sofa is actually has a cream cover so you can see my camera doesn't have the colours right for either the sofa or the cushion.  The colours of the cushion are more aquamarine, teal, aqua, deep steely blue and bright deep pink.  I made a cover from fleece material to cover the cushion insert so that the white wouldn't show through.

This cushion is destined for hubby's dark brown leather chair in the family room.  After the morning sun has gone, this is a very dark corner of the room and I think a bright cushion is just what his chair needs.

I am so proud of my cushion.  I've actually learnt how to crochet and made something that is FINISHED!  I was dancing around the family room last night literally hugging my cushion I was so happy.  Yes, it's sad, I know.  :)  I love this so much I've already started making granny squares to make a cushion cover for my bedroom in colours to match the bunting.  Hopefully it won't take me as long to finish this one.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Anne  xx


  1. hehe, it's not sad, I think I would have done the same if I had just made that cushion, you are right to be proud. The colours work so well together and I think it looks better with the alternating buttons that it would have with all one colour.

    Hope your having a good day :)

  2. Hey Anne, well done, great effort and your cushion looks nice and cuddly too, so who wouldn't want to hug it?

    You have used some lovely colours and I think the alternating buttons are just perfect.

    Hope hubby loves it too. It is exciting to finish a project and be happy with it, so enjoy your moment.

    Claire :)

  3. This is totally gorgeous - no wonder you're proud of it. You deserve your Tah Dah moment. I'm yet to teach myself to crochet. Being a lefty doesn't help. I'm ok with knitting. Love the colours you've used too. Cheers Wendy

  4. Wow! Totally jealous.
    One day I WILL finish my giant rug.
    Why didn't I think to start with something like a cushion?
    It looks great on that leather chair.
    You should be very proud of yourself.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies. You're the best. :) xx

  6. Hi Anne , I love your cushion cover . The colours are lovely and I think you were so right to make a dark cover for the cushion pad makes a huge difference with this sort of crochet.
    Well done :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. hip, hip ----- HORAY!!!!! applause.... Well done!! You should be proud of yourself, you have done a smashing job!! love your work. take care. Yollie p.s thanks for popping by my blog an leaving such a sweet comment!

  8. Dear Anne, I attempted to write you via e-mail found on my lovely postcard, but the e-mail was returned to me. Would you e-mail me privately so I might send it Warmly, Sam

  9. Ah Anne - Well done! It's gorgeous - I love those colours together =]

  10. I think the least you could do is a happy dance with your cushion. It really looks good. All the more special for being your first finished. As far as I can make out with crocheting, one cushion leads to another, which leads to a throw and then another throw.....

    I learnt last year, but have taken crocheting no further. I want to try again. Sometime. Have a lovely week!

  11. Be not only happy but proud of your finished work. love from me.

  12. HEy Congratulations well done! REeally cute granny cushion! I only learnt to crochet about a year ago and its amazing what you can do if you keep at it, you've obviously got the knack!

  13. Sigh..... I adore this cushion Anne :o)
    I simply love the colours together, they look gorgeous, and the buttons look cool being two shades like that :o)
    Honestly, I am useless with colours, and I can never get things right or to go with each other beautifully like you've done...i may just have to copy your colour scheme here..:o)
    I'm so pleased you got the pif.
    You take care Anne.
    Love Donna xx

  14. Oh Anne, it is REALLY GORGEOUS!!!!
    Well done, I love the colours, love the style and loved reading how thrilled you are with your finished cushion :)


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